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Walkthrough for Star Trek: Judgment Rites

 Interplay Productions
                  Star Trek: Judgment Rites - Hint File


Tips for fighting the Elasi pirates.
Depending on the difficulty level you set in the beginning, you will have
to fight one or two Elasi pirates.  In any case, the dangerous one is the
one firing the three photon torpedoes.  Concentrate fire on this particular
craft, if you are fighting both Elasi.  The best tactic is to fire phasers
continuously, and fire photons only at close range or with enough lead, at
one target until that target flees.  Adjust the difficulty level if all else

How to escape from the jail cell.
It is possible to convince the guard to let you out.  Remind him of his
father.  If all else fails, find the weak part of the wall.  Use Spock on that
part of the wall.

Getting your equipment back.
If the guard is unconscious, search him to find a passcard.  Use the passcard
on the locker controls.  Your phasers, communicators and tricorders are in
the lockers.

Where you need to go first.
After escaping from the cell, you should go to the left side of the station. 
This is the side with the computer room, your first destination.

What to do if security forces are stunning you.
You will have to be a quick shot.  Only use your stun phaser to fire back
as soon as you see a security guard.  You should have enough time to
stun the guards. If one of your party is stunned, they will recover.

Tips for defeating the chess program.
After using spock on the chess board, the best course of action is to not
take the completely aggressive or defensive moves.  You will always be
giving a choice of three moves, one of the moves is too aggressive, and
the other is too defensive.  Pick the remaining move.

How to stop the gas in the transporter room.
You need an air filter, which can be found in the executive quarters.  Use
the air filter on the grating on the floor next to the transporter controls.

What to do in the command center.
Stun the two guards.  Then use Spock on all three computers, two in the
back and the one facing the station commander.  Use McCoy on the technician.

Tips for getting into the security room.
You need to transport into the security room.  You will also need the
dummies from the crew quarters to protect yourself from the security
forces.  Use the dummies on the transporter grid, then use Spock on the
transporter controls.

How to shut down the force field in the special projects room.
The controls for the force field are located in the security room.  You
must beam into the security room with the practice dummies from the
crew quarters, then use Spock on the computers.

Help with the monster in the special projects room.
Unfortunately, you must use your phaser set on kill to stop this beast. 
Nothing else will work.  Shoot the beast as soon as you enter the room,
before it jumps on Kirk.

How to get the computer files on the experiment or the code to Breddel's room.
Use both tricorders on the computer in the computer room.  They will
store the required information.  You will have all the proof you need, and
the passcode to enter Breddel's quarters.

Help with the shuttle guards.
When they said "Surrender or Die!", they meant it.  You should surrender to
the guards.  Then have Spock sabotage as much of the controls as possible.

What to do if Breddel phasers you.
As soon as you are finished talking to Breddel, stun him with your stun
phaser.  If you wait too long, he will shoot you.

How to stop the "Big Bang" experiment.
The controls are hidden in Breddel's quarters.  Take the book lying on
the table, and the bookmark that falls out.  Take the dartboard with
Kirk's face on it.  Use the tricorder on the bookmark to get the correct
code.  Use Spock on the control panel to disarm the big bang experiment.

What to do if Breddel got away.
If Breddel gets away at the end of the episode, then you did not sabotage
his escape shuttle in the shuttle bay before stunning him in his room.

Tips for maximum scoring.
To score the maximum number of points possible, you must:
Succeed in the mission without failing once, do not insult the Elasi, stun
the guards, do not kill any guards, destroy communications in central
command, treat the technicians allergies, talk to munroe, sabotage all
shuttle controls, convert security to your side and deliever promised
evidence, destroy communications tracking, defeat Breddell without
killing him, do not trigger the false code, talk Sheme into cooperating,
win the chess game, and not wake the sleeping crewman or wake him
and put him back to sleep.


How get out of the scanning room.  
You need to open the door.  Use the science tricorder on the control panel
next to the door.  Use Spock on the control panel.  To get around better,
you need badges.

How to make the badges.
In the room with the large piece of green machinery, take cards and
batteries from the bins on the machine.  Use each of these items on the
hopper to the left.  Use Spock on the hopper.

How to power up the badges.
From the room where you made the badges, exit to the lower left.  Then use the
badge on the recharging station in the upper right corner of this new room.

How to shut down the force fields.
In the room with the large computer and display screen, use the computer
monitor and box on the computer.  Use Spock on the computer.

Tips on solving the shape puzzle.
Add up the number of sides on the objects in each row.  Circles count as
one side.  Pick the object that will give the third row the same number of
sides as the first and second row.  You will be giving three chances.

How to get a Balkosian for study.
In the room with the food producing machine, use Spock on the
Balkosian when it comes to eat.  Take the Balkosian.  Use McCoy on the
Balkosian when in the medical room.

How to shut down the gas safely.
Use the switch on the gas tank.  Go to the room with the power
generator.  Use the wires and control card on the generator.  Use Spock
on the generator and have him shut it down.

Tips for maximum scoring.
To score the maximum number of points, you must:
Solve the shape puzzle on the first try, install the switch, medical
tricorder the Balkosian when it is concious and unconcious in the
medical room, tricorder the food dispensary, medical tricorder the vat,
get each computer object, get the pass, get the battery, assemble and
recharge the badge, view the information sample, save the Balkosi.  You
will lose points if you poison the Balkosi.

--No Man's Land--

Tips for fighting Trelene's triplane.
The triplane is very difficult to defeat.  You need to concentrate fire on it,
and if Trelene starts to head straight for you, you need to move the
Enterprise out of his path of fire.

How to get out of the storeroom.
You need to start a fire.  Collect some sticks, and use Kirk on the case in
the upper right.  Take some schnapps.  Use the schnapps on the hay.  Use
the sticks on the hay.  Either use Spock on the guard or talk the guard
into letting you out.

How to help the old man.
Use Kirk on the guard.  Use the medkit on the old man.  You can ask him only
one question.

How to get Trelene.
You need to destroy four of Trelene's power items.  You will need to
collect three of them, the fourth is the triplane located to the right of the
town.  The three items you need to collect are: the clock in the store, the
chalkboard in the school, and the soldier's locket in the trench to the left
of the town.  You will also need some TNT to destroy the items.

How to get money to play in the poker game.
You can collect some money by helping the one-armed man in the apartment.
He needs his floor swept clean.  There is a broom in the store.

How to get past the dog and into the armory.
Get the food from the store and give it to the dog.  While the dog is
distracted, use McCoy on the Doberman.

How to get past the guards in the armory.
You will need to drug the beer in the tavern.  Use the medical kit on the
beer.  The next time you visit the armory, the guard's will be drugged.

How to get the clock power item.
You need to buy the clock.  To earn some money, help the one-armed
man in the apartment by sweeping his floor with the broom from the
store.  Take this stake money to the poker game in the back of the tavern,
use the money on the table to play.  Take the winnings to the store and
buy the clock.

How to get the chalkboard power item.
You need to trick the teacher into giving the chalkboard to you.  To do
this you need Sundergard to spread a rumor in his paper, which he will
do if you get transfer papers for his son.  After drugging the guards in the
armory, tie up the guard commander, and get a rifle from the wall.  Use
McCoy to wake the commander and threaten the commander with the
rifle.  He will sign the transfer papers for you.  Take the papers back to
Sundergard in the poker room, and then talk to Schiller in the tavern
about the chalkboard rumors.  He will give you a letter to take to the teacher.

What to do for the soldier in the trench.
You cannot help the guard.  Trelene is keeping him wounded.

How to get the locket power item.
Use the medical tricorder on the wounded soldier.  Use the science
tricorder on him.  Talk to him about the locket.  He will give you a letter
to take to his girlfriend.  Take this letter to Gretel in the tavern.  Return
to the guard and talk to him about the locket.

How to get the TNT from the armory safe.
When you return to the armory after drugging the beer in the tavern, use the
rope to tie up the guard commander.  Use McCoy to wake him up.  Use Spock on
the commander to get the combination to the safe.  Use Spock on the safe.

What to do with Trelene's triplane.
After collecting the three other power items, take them to the triplane. 
Use each of the three power items on the triplane.  Then use the TNT on
the triplane.

What to do if Trelene freezes Ellis.
Tell Trelene to release Ellis and take you instead.

How to get Trelene to release the Enterprise and the other captured ships.
By talking to Trelene, you can force him to realize that war is not a toy to
play with.  Try and talk him into showing you a historically trench scene. 
Then lecture him on the evils of war.  He will relent.

Tips for maximum scoring.
To score the maximum number of points, you must:
Talk to Ellis to determine his problem, defeat Trelene's triplane in the
beginning, persuade the guard to leave in the storeroom, save the old
man from the guard and heal his wounds, defend Gretel without
provoking the guard, obtain the broom, rope and food by talking to the
boy, do not use the rifle on the fallen guard in the armory, offer to heal
the retired gentleman, use Spock to fix his phonograph, not use the rifle
or the TNT on the cat, attempt to heal the wounded soldier, do not fight
with Ellis, get the kids to vote, not threaten the kids, tricorder the castle,
resolve the conflict between Ellis and Kirk, attempt to destroy Trelene's
painting, not use the rifle on Trelene, look at the Enterprise in a bottle,
trick Trelene to look for the babysitter, persuade Trelene to take you to
the real trench and force Trelene to lose his composure.

--Light and Darkness--

What to do on this mission.
You will find representatives of two lifeforms, one of light and the other
of darkness.  You goal is to successfully combine these two lifeforms into
their destined single form.  To do this, you must get genetic samples from
each lifeform.

How to get the beings of light and darkness to give you samples.
You need to talk to each being and convince them that they are of a very
similar race.  Once you do this, they will want to be joined together. 
Then they will give you the samples that you need.

What to do if you waste a sample.
Simply go back and talk to the being, they will give you another sample. 
If you need to summon the image of the being, use Spock the keyboard of
their genetic storage computer.

How to combine the samples.
You need to sequence and replicate the samples, then use the replicated
samples on the large computer in the room to the north of the entrance. 
The sequencer is on the left in the entrance, and the replicator is on the
right.  Use the samples on sequencer door, then use Jons, the genetic
specialist on the sequencer computer.

What to do if Jons cannot sequence the dark sample.
Jons is purposefully not sequencing the sample.  You need to talk to him
and convince him that he has no right hindering the wishes of the two

What to do if the replicated sample is bad.
You need to remove the organic material on the replicator.  Use your stun
phaser on the organic material on the replicator.

How to correctly use the replicated samples.
Take both replicated samples to the computer in the northern room.  Use
them on the access port on the computer.  

How to fix the transmission.
The transmission is breaking up because the antennas on the outside are
failing.  You need to supply them with power and align their dishes.  Exit
the complex and go right to find the antennas.

How to power up the antennas.
The antennas are powered by a geo-thermal device.  Use the science
tricorder on the control panel of the first antenna.  Attempt to use the red
phaser on the rocks.  Science tricorder the rocks just above the antenna. 
Contact the Enterprise with your communicator.

How to align the antennas.
Goto the second antenna.  Use the science tricorder on the control box. 
Contact the Enterprise with your communicator.  Use Spock on the
control box.  Return to the transmission room.

Tips for maximum scoring.
To score the maximum number of points, you must:
Successfully contact the Brassica, clean the replicator before making a
sample, tricorder the building from the outside, get Jons to do his job
without direct accusation, not annoy Azrah or Vizznr, not use the faux-
delta sample, scan all three sensor dishes


How to get off the bridge.
Talk to everyone on the bridge, ending with Spock.  Use Spock on the
science station twice, talk to Spock and use him on the science station
again.  The use the science station.  Exit through the turbolift.

How to help Mr. Spock.
Spock was captured by an alien.  You must find the alien and free Spock. 
Head for auxiliary control.

How to get a medical scan of the alien.
Since the alien keeps kicking you out of aux control, and you cannot scan
through the shielding, you need to make a hole in the door.  Use the red
phaser on the door to burn a small hole.  Use the medical tricorder.

How to gas the Vurian.
Get a medical scan of the alien and take it to McCoy in sickbay.  Talk to
McCoy.  Take the gas canister to engineering.  Use the gas canister on
the life support mixer to the right of the screen.  Use the life support
controls on the left.

How to find out where the Vurian went.
Use the sensor controls in aux control.  These are the right most controls.

How to strengthen the ship.
Use your communicator and talk to Scotty.  Have him divert energy to the
shields.  This will buy you more time to track down the Vurian.

How to follow the Vurian.
Once you have the coordinates of where the Vurian went from the
sensors in aux control, go the transporter room.

How to pick up the gems safely.
You need something to carry them in.  In the area to the right of where
you beamed in is an appropriate container; a pouch.  Use the pouch on
the large set of gems.  If you do not have the pouch, someone might get

How to speak with Mr. Spock.
Spock is delirious.  Use the medkit to calm him.  You must still free him
from the grasp of the Savant.

Talking with the Vurian.
Talk to Vurian and get the most information possible.  The Vurian will
summon the Savant, the alien behind your problems.  The Savant will
appear in the large hole in the area to your right.

Talking with the Savant.
Trying to talk the Savant into letting you and Spock return to the
Enterprise is a lost cause.  But you must be careful not be returned
without Spock, or talking the Savant into destroying itself.  You will
have to force the Savant to return you, Spock and the rest of your crew to
the Enterprise.

Tips for returning to the Enterprise.
You must collect the large pile of blue gems.  Then summon the Savant
by talking to Vurian.  Throw the pouch with the blue gems into the
Savant.  Do not be nasty when you talk to the Savant.

Tips for maximum scoring.
To score the maximum number of points, you must:
Keep hull damage above eighty-four percent.  Give order to fully boost
sensors or shields.  Talk to Scotty, Sulu and Chekov on the bridge. 
Choose Spock to be transported first.  Phaser the aux control door only
once.  Not use the red phaser on the Vurian.  Get the Vurian to aid the
party.  Not use Walker on the blue gems without the pouch.  Examine
stones with science and medical tricorders.  Not threaten the Savant.  The
Savant cannot be angry when first summoned.  Not use pouch of stones
on Spock.

--Museum Piece--

What to do if you wish to speak with the curator again.
You can either wait around for a couple of minutes, or you can try and
enter the door in room 10 that leads to room 11.

What to do in the curator's office.
Use someone on the curator.  You need to use Scotty three times on the
security console.  Take the bottle and the note hidden underneath it. 
Take the decanter and the serving tray on the table.  Take the lance from
the knight.  Either use the curator's desk twice and then push the knight
underneath the door or enter the code from the note.

How to get into room 6 (Room with the docking ring).
When you attempt to enter room 6, the security door will stop you.  You
need to enter the code that you found on the note.  The code is V V S O P
2 1 2 3  [spell this out like this: vee vee ess ooh pee two one two three].  

How to get into room 7 (Room with transporter).
The security code will note work for this door.  You will need to break
down the door.  Talk to Scotty after you try and exit through the door.

What to do with the robot.
Use a charged capacitor on the robot.  Then get the robot.  You can
charge a capacitor by placing it on the table in room 5.

How to make the mass-driver.
You will need the following items: the lance, the capacitors from the
phaser cannon, the interface cable from the NIVEN machine, the clamps
from the docking ring in room 6 and the superconducting wire from the
robot in room 6.  Use all of these items on the table in room 5 in the
following order: capacitors, clamp, red wires, lance and interface cable. 
Then use Scotty on the Klingon control machine.

How to recharge the capacitor.
Before you fire the mass-driver, you can charge a capacitor by placing it
on the table in room 5.  After firing the mass-driver, you must use the
pod in room 9.  Activate the robot with a used capacitor and use Scotty
on the robot to open the pod bay door.  Use Scotty on the open door.  Use
the decanter on the door.  Use the tray on the door.  Place the capacitor
on the door.  Get the capacitor when charged.

How to defeat the terrorists.
You cannot just barge into room 10.  You must either transport the gas
canister into the room, or communicate with the terrorists and negotiate
them out.

How to use the transporter.
To use the transporter, you must first activate the robot and charge the
capacitor in room 9.  Then use Scotty on the transporter.  Use the wires,
the charged capacitor and the panel on the transporter.  Use Scotty on the
transporter.  Use the gas canister on the panel.  Tell mister Scott to
energize.  Then you can enter room 10 safely.

How to use the communicator.
Activate the robot, charge the capacitor and get the tray from the pod in
room 9.  Also get a crystal from the display.  Enter room 7 and use the
crystal, tray and capacitor on the communicator.  Use Kirk on the
communicator.  Negiotate with the terrorists.

How to negotiate with the terrorists.
When you negotiate with the terrorists you must be firm, but still listen to
their demands.  Deal with them fairly, point out that they have the same
goals as their enemies, and offer them your guarantee.

Tips for maximum scoring.
To score the maximum number of points, you must:
Negotiate with the terrorists.

--Though This Be Madness--

Goal of this mission.
Your goal is to find the computer that is controlling this ship and repair
it.  Along the way, you should help the inhabitants of this vessel and try
not to anger the Klingons.

How to get the blocks that Jakesey is playing with.
Jakesey needs another toy.  Bring him the teddy bear from the play room. 
Use Spock on the chess board to get the bear.

How to speak with the King.
Use Uhura on the king.  Convince the king that Uhura is descended from

What to say to the sad woman.
You should ask what is troubling her and try and solve her problem.  She
is very important to your mission.  Ask about her son.

How to speak with the kid in the sleeping hall.
You need to talk to his mother and get her permission before you can talk
to this kid.  His mother is the sad woman located in the eating hall.  If
you bring her some fresh food, she will give you permission.

How to grow some fresh food.
You need to fix the round metal keg at the far end with the dead plants. 
Take the keg and place it on the workbench.  Use the red phaser on the
keg, use the table, use the blocks on the keg and use the red phaser again. 
Get the keg and return it to the niche that you got it from in the first
place.  Leave the room and return later to find the fruit.  Take the fresh
fruit from the keg.

How to get some tranquilzer.
Once you talk to the kid in the sleeping hall about everything, he will tell
you about some bad food. He will ask if you want some bad food, say yes
and take the bad food back to the eating hall.  Use the bad food on the
computer terminal.  Answer yes to the drug question.  Use the food
machine.  Use the food on the computer terminal.  Answer yes to
computer's question.  Use the food machine again and take more food.

How to help the hurt woman in the oratory.
Use the medical tricorder on the hurt woman.  Use Spock on the hurt woman.

How to get past Tuskin's guards or get to Tuskin.
You need to drug Tuskin.  If you use the drugged food on the woman in
the eating hall, she will offer to drug Tuskin for you.  Take some food
and offer it to Tuskin.  After Tuskin is drugged, use the phaser on stun to
stun the large guard.  Talk to the smaller guard.

How to find the computer.
There is a secret entrance in the play room.  Tuskin is guarding the
entrance to the computer control room.  You must get past Tuskin to get
to the computer room.

How to fix the computer.
You need the lightbar from the room with the king.  After Uhura talks to
the king, and he leaves the room, you can use Kirk on the switch to open
the panel and then take the lightbar.  Use this lightbar on the computer
panel on the right.  Then use the lightbar on Klarr.

What to do if you displease the Klingons.
You should not anger the Klingons.  Always act diplomatically.  Give
way to the Klingons and you will be rewarded at the end of the mission. 
If you make the Klingons leave, you will fail the mission.

How to answer the computer's question, and finish the mission.
You must talk to the computer and review all the information that it has. 
Use the crystal that comes down out of the ceiling on the unusual
computer terminal.  Review the computer data.  Attempt to enter the
portal.  Enter the portal.

--Yet There Is Method In It--

How to answer Brassica's questions.
The Brassica will ask you many questions.  You will be giving the
opportunity to answer these questions, talk among yourselves or ask other
questions of the Brassica.  Always talk amongst yourselves, and ask
questions of the Brassica that seem sensible.  When the Brassica tell you
to answer the question now, then use one of the characters on the

What happens if you refuse to answer the questions.
The game will end.  You will not be harmed, but you will not have
succeeded.  Obviously, this is not the right solution.  It is best to answer
the Brassica's questions.

What to do if you answer the questions with Kirk.
Be careful.  Kirk is not the best person to answer the questions.  He has a
destiny that will be meet later in the episode.

How to determine who should answer the questions.
Everyone has a good answer.  You should read carefully the answers that
everyone will propose.  Use this information to make a decision.

Tips on accepting the Brassica's offer.
When the Brassica offer Kirk information about the Klingon empire, you
should refuse.  After this discussion, talk to Spock.  Talk to Klarr.

Tips for maximum scoring.
To earn the maximum amount of points, you must:
not use Kirk or Spock on Klarr, use Uhura to answer the first question,
McCoy to answer the second, Spock to answer the third, and leave with
both people for the final question.  You must take the paralens and give it
to Klarr.  Never use Kirk or Klarr on the Brassican for the first three

(C) 1994 Interplay Productions, Inc.

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