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What's New?

27 Feb 2020
New trailer drops for Nick Bounty 3: The Dame with the Blue Chewed Shoe

New black-and-white comedy noir mystery from Pinhead Games due to arrive on Windows PC in April.

26 Feb 2020
Beautiful Desolation sweeps over Steam and GOG

Long-awaited post-apocalyptic African adventure from the creators of STASIS available now for Windows PC.

26 Feb 2020
Edgar: Bokbok In Boulzac let loose on PC, Xbox One and Switch

Surreal French comic adventure about a man and his chicken uncovering conspiracy available now for download.

25 Feb 2020
The Unholy Society crowds onto PC and Switch

Hand-painted occult adventure starring a 'snarky exorcist' available now for download on Steam and the Nintendo eShop. 

23 Feb 2020
Nine Noir Lives gets second trailer

Feline-themed comedic murder mystery coming to Windows, Mac and Linux in 2021.

21 Feb 2020
Launch time arrives for Lair of the Clockwork God

Comedic platforming/adventure hybrid from the creators of Time, Gentlemen, Please! available now on Steam for Windows PC.

21 Feb 2020
Curse of Anabelle befalls Steam

Occult-themed supernatural thriller available now for download on Windows PC.

21 Feb 2020
Draugen unleashed on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Ports of Red Thread's 'fjord noir' adventure available now for download on the PlayStation and Microsoft stores.

20 Feb 2020
DREAMO awakens on Steam

Surreal gear-based puzzle-adventure available now on Windows PC; coming soon to VR devices.

20 Feb 2020
The House of Da Vinci 2 open to Android users

Time-traveling puzzle-centric sequel available now for download on Google Play.

19 Feb 2020
The Suicide of Rachel Foster discovered on Windows PC

First-person mystery set in remote mountain hotel available now on Steam, GOG and Humble; still to come on PS4 and Xbox One.

19 Feb 2020
Launch date announcement trailer springs to life from VirtuaVerse

Retro-styled point-and-click cyberpunk adventure coming to Windows, Mac and Linux on May 12th.

18 Feb 2020
Gabriel Knight petition aims to resurrect beloved franchise

New fan video promotes campaign seeking IP license transfer from Activision to Jane Jensen for series finale. 

18 Feb 2020
Playable demo redone for Relapse the Neverland

Narrative-driven, RPG-styled horror adventure inspired by games like Clock Tower, Silent Hill, and Majora's Mask.

16 Feb 2020
Florence now married to Windows, Mac and Switch

Short narrative adventure about first love available for download on Steam, GOG, the Mac Store and Nintendo eShop.

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