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Haunted giveaway contest

Haunted giveaway
Haunted giveaway

Most ghosts don't have much to say beyond the odd moan, wail, or "boo". But most ghosts aren't a pint-sized pirate named Oscar the Pitiful (Powerful!), a blue, bulbous William Wallace, or an ancient philosopher trapped as a genie in a ceramic fortune cat. You just can't shut these guys up! And that's okay, because the ghosts are the real stars of Deck13's Haunted. They crack jokes, quarrel, and grumble about their lots in... uhh... life (and really, who can blame them?), but that's a good thing for players. Not only does the large spectral cast provide most of the ... err ... life of the party, but they do much of the work as well, each with a significant special skill unavailable to mere mortals. 

It's the 19th century, and a young girl named Mary finds herself on the run from a dastardly scientist named Lindsey Ashcroft, who's determined to harness the power of ghosts – including Mary's younger sister – for her own selfish purposes. As Mary attempts to stay one step ahead of Ashcroft, she unwittingly (and usually unwillingly) collects a motley crew of spirits along the way. But with unique talents like imperviousness to heat, cold, and electricity; the ability to interact with physical objects touched by death; and transformation into various forms of water, Mary soon learns that her companions are crucial if she's ever to save her sister's soul and perhaps finally find some peace of her own.

The oft-delayed English version of Haunted may have slipped past many gamers unnoticed when it finally launched late last year, but for those who missed it the first time around, we are pleased to offer a free downloadable copy of this comic supernatural adventure to five lucky winners, courtesy of the game's North American publisher, Viva Media (from Viva's own online store). All you need to do to be eligible is provide conclusive proof of the afterlife. Actually, wait, no... the last thing we need is a bunch of poltergeists or stringy-black-haired little girls with grudges swarming the site. So all you really need to do is answer the three quiz questions below. Yes, correctly answer them, but if you need some help and don't own a Ouija board, everything you need to know but were afraid to ask can be found in our review of the game.

The contest will run for one full week, ending Wednesday, May 15th, and winners will be notified by astral projection. Ha! I'm kidding, of course. Email is much faster, if not nearly as mysterious.


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