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Wii ports: CSI and Agatha Christie

Two popular franchises arrive on Nintendo's console, but neither And Then There Were None nor Hard Evidence proves any great shakes.

Read more Mar 27, 2008

Joel DeYoung and Ron Gilbert interview

Joel deYoung and Ron Gilbert of Hothead Games talk about their work on Penny Arcade Adventures and the Monkey Island creator's new episodic game series.

Read interview Mar 20, 2008

RHEM 3 review

Puzzle lovers can safely book passage for a third trip to the world of RHEM, but others may want to sign out early.

Read review Mar 17, 2008

Sam & Max: Episode 204 - Chariots of the Dogs review

The Freelance Police soar to new heights, as the latest episode of Season Two is one for the ages.

Read review Mar 13, 2008

Overclocked hands-on archived preview

The countdown to Overclocked is on, and there's reason to be psyched about this ambitious new thriller from House of Tales.


GDC 2008 – Two Panel Discussions on Stories in Games

Two star-studded panels gathered together at the Game Developers Conference to discuss interactive storytelling.

Read more Mar 8, 2008

Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion (GBA) review

Nancy's one and only Game Boy Advance adventure can't save itself from a poor conversion of its PC counterpart.

Read review Mar 7, 2008

The Experiment review

With an innovative approach to gameplay that lives up to its name, The Experiment proves to be a decidedly mixed experience.

Read review Mar 3, 2008

Penumbra: Black Plague review

With its inspired physics-based gameplay, you'll fight fear more than foes in the chilling Penumbra conclusion.

Read review Feb 28, 2008

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law review

Harvey Birdman blends the popular cartoon license with Ace Attorney-style gameplay, but manages to do full justice to neither.

Read review Feb 25, 2008

Martin Ganteföhr - House of Tales interview

As the countdown to Overclocked begins in earnest, AG dares to probe the inner psyche of HoT's Creative Director.

Read interview Feb 21, 2008

A New Beginning first look archived preview

Humanity's future may be bleak, but an early glimpse of Daedalic's upcoming eco-thriller shows plenty of hopeful signs.

Sam & Max: Episode 203 - Night of the Raving Dead review

You won't kill yourself laughing, but the undead stars of Episode 203 make for another lively Sam & Max installment.

Read review Feb 12, 2008

The Whispered World first look archived preview

Daedalic has been quietly making this fantasy adventure a reality, and it's time to start spreading the word.


Vince Twelve - Resonance interview

The innovative indie developer looks to make a name for himself with his first commercial adventure, even if that name isn't really his own.

Read interview Feb 5, 2008

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