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Return of the Obra Dinn review

This unique minimalist adventure is sure to float the boat of anyone looking for a compelling narrative puzzle to unwind.

Read the review » Nov 9, 2018

INFRA review

This lengthy environmental puzzler is cleverly constructed though partly undermined by a few key structural design flaws.

Read the review » Feb 14, 2018

>observer_ review

A horrific future has rarely looked so good in this intense, richly atmospheric cyberpunk mystery.

Read the review » Nov 17, 2017

Stories Untold review

This four-part anthology of horror vignettes blending '80s-era environments and text is one of the stranger things in the genre these days.

Read the review » Jul 17, 2017

Event[0] review

The abundant potential of this atmospheric sci-fi adventure just doesn't fully compute due to its abbreviated story and limited gameplay.

Read the review » Nov 4, 2016

Kentucky Route Zero: Act IV review

The magical realist journey continues to drift along in a meandering, melancholy way in the long-awaited penultimate episode.

Read the review » Aug 29, 2016

Layers of Fear review

Although slick-looking on the surface, this psychological horror adventure paints itself into a corner by slathering on the shallow jump scares.

Read the review » Jul 22, 2016

The Beginner’s Guide review

The Stanley Parable's Davey Wreden leads a thought-provoking, experimental reflection of games-as-interactive-art.

Read the review » May 18, 2016

Firewatch review

Be on the lookout for this rich character-driven journey, even if some of its smouldering promise is snuffed out along the way.

Read the review » Feb 10, 2016

SOMA review

Delving deep into complex ethical issues at the bottom of the ocean, the creators of Amnesia have brilliantly fused sci-fi and horror together in one.

Read the review » Oct 19, 2015

Until Dawn review

The teen slasher formula is brought to life (and grisly death) in this gripping choice-driven, multi-path PS4 exclusive.

Read the review » Oct 2, 2015

Cradle review

Post-apocalyptic Mongolia never looked so beautiful, but this exploration-based adventure babies players a bit too much on the gameplay front.

Read the review » Sep 21, 2015

The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna review

Croteam's excellent puzzler paved the way for a funny, challenging, and highly rewarding downloadable expansion.

Read the review » Aug 14, 2015

Lucius II: The Prophecy review

More murder sim than adventure, the sequel is condemned by shoddy programming and hellish design decisions.

Read the review » Jul 7, 2015

The Talos Principle review

Croteam gets serious with an inspired, Portal-styled sci-fi puzzler that will challenge you both intellectually and emotionally.

Read the review » Jan 6, 2015

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