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It’s hard to believe I have been with Adventure Gamers since we were ‘Adventure Central’. Time passes in a flash when you’re having fun! 

My first game was Titanic: Adventure Out of Time, which I enjoyed so much I started buying and playing every adventure game I could find.  Needing information to feed my addiction I started lurking around Adventure Central. One day, Marek advertised for writers and I made the cut.  Luckily, through the years, and our metamorphosis into Adventure Gamers, Marek & Jack have let me follow my bliss and post reviews on games that I have loved, hated, and found completely forgettable. 

Over the years I have watched this site turn into something really unique as we have found our place and our voice.  We are at our best when we are enlightening fans and stirring up passions. 

Favorite games: Amber: Journey’s Beyond, Myst Series, Morpheus, Black Dahlia, Dark Side of the Moon, Grim Fandango, and anything Nancy Drew.

When not writing for AG I like to dispel my own brand of madness at Completely Barking Mad.

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Articles by Heidi Fournier:

Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge review

The latest Nancy Drew mystery offers a cultural taste of exotic Japan, though some tedious activities should have been taken out.

Read the review » Dec 13, 2010

RHEM 4: The Golden Fragments review

It may not glitter visually, but the fourth RHEM adventure once again offers a whole world of challenging puzzles to piece together.

Read the review » Nov 8, 2010

Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister review

Nancy’s summer adventure has plenty of straightforward puzzles, but blows its chance to whip up a compelling mystery.

Read the review » Aug 9, 2010

Slip Space: The Burma-Shave Analogy review

This indie sci-fi adventure offers a plenty of challenging puzzles, but is seriously undermined by a lack of proper signposting.

Read the review » Jun 9, 2010

Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy review

The 21st Nancy Drew adventure is at the top of its class, as the teen sleuth crosses paths with the Black Cat at prep school.

Read the review » Dec 7, 2009

Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships review

Nancy's summer adventure offers plenty of treasure hunting fun, but the minigames aren't all smooth sailing.

Read the review » Aug 31, 2009

Yoomurjak’s Ring review

This lengthy, engaging foreign-language FMV adventure takes a page out of history, in more ways than one.

Read the review » Jul 29, 2009

Carol Reed: The Colour of Murder review

Short but Swedish, the fifth Carol Reed mystery is the series' crowning achievement to date.

Read the review » Jan 12, 2009

Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice review

The plucky teen detective gets all dressed up with exotic places to go, though a few issues tend to dampen the experience.

Read the review » Sep 6, 2008

RHEM 3 review

Puzzle lovers can safely book passage for a third trip to the world of RHEM, but others may want to sign out early.

Read the review » Mar 17, 2008

Ghost in the Sheet review

This ghost story-with-a-twist shows plenty of spirit and requires some skill, but at times feels a bit insubstantial.

Read the review » Jan 14, 2008

Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull review

Several key improvements lift Nancy's latest mystery head and shoulders above its recent predecessors.

Read the review » Nov 5, 2007

Anacapri: The Dream review

Adventure doesn't sleep on the scenic Italian island, but Anacapri isn't quite the dream vacation it could have been.

Read the review » Sep 19, 2007

Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek review

Mystery heats up as the temperature cools down in the 16th Nancy Drew adventure.

Read the review » Jul 5, 2007

The Secrets of Atlantis review

Its premise may be watered down, but the latest Atlantean adventure emerges as a pleasant surprise.

Read the review » Jun 4, 2007

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