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Lifestream (Interactive Fiction remake) review

The new iteration can be shallow in parts, but flows rather well as a reimagined choice-based text adventure.

Read the review » Jul 18, 2016

Rememoried review

Once the novelty wears off, this surreal dream journey proves to be a largely forgettable explorational platforming experience.

Read the review » Apr 13, 2016

Sun Dogs review

This unique text exploration of a transhumanist future feels coolly detached but largely stellar in execution.

Read the review » Dec 16, 2015

PataNoir review

A unique concept and iffy execution make this simile-loaded text adventure like a toy gun that tends to miss the mark.

Read the review » Nov 18, 2015

Leadlight Gamma review

This amusingly gruesome retro text adventure offers a fighting chance at surviving its many deadly challenges.

Read the review » Jun 3, 2015

Hadean Lands review

Andrew Plotkin's sci-fi opus hits on all the right formulas for a brilliant text adventure experience.

Read the review » Nov 25, 2014

Catmouth Island: Episode 1 review

This quirky indie series debut only toys with its potential, without ever pouncing on the opportunity.

Read the review » Aug 20, 2014

A Mind Forever Voyaging flashback review

This 1985 Infocom text classic may be dated in style, but its political undertones are more relevant and compelling than ever.


The Inheritance review

This new bible-themed text adventure from industry legend Scott Adams is willing but unable to deliver an enjoyable puzzling experience.

Read the review » Mar 26, 2014

The Shadow in the Cathedral review

The first adventure in the Klockwerk trilogy offers compelling interactive fiction set in a world of curious devices and steampunk mysticism.

Read the review » Sep 25, 2013