Cyanide & Happiness discovers joy of success on Kickstarter

While the genre in general is having a tough time getting projects crowdfunded these days, there's one formula that seems to be working very well: base an adventure game on a popular webcomic! With the first episode of Hiveswap about to bring the world of Homestuck to life (having raked in a phenomenal $2.5M through Kickstarter), now it's Cyanide & Happiness's turn. The longrunning online cartoon series is now setting its sights on a full-fledged interactive adventure, and has turned to Kickstarter for financing. So far so good, as the game has already met its ambitious target of $300,000, with plenty of time left to meet stretch goals.

Created in 2004 by Kris Wilson, Rob DenBleyker, Dave McElfatrick and Matt Melvin, Cyanide & Happiness has been posting daily comics every since, and has expanded with a number of shorts and even an animated show of its own. Now the franchise is ready to broaden its horizons again in The Cyanide & Happiness Adventure Game (working title). The game will follow "Cooper 'Coop' McCarthy in his quest to keep his head down and make it to graduation without having to deal with an apocalypse." (Spoiler: not gonna happen!) Coop will be "joined by Sawyer Allen, an aspiring investigative journalist with a know-it-all streak that just might save the day, and Hugo 'Chowder' Malone, a consummate 'gentleman' with a love for novelty swords and leaving comments on YouTube videos."

Described as a "throwback" to the creators' favourite point-and-click adventures like The Secret of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango ("with a C&H twist of course"), the game will span the comic's full universe, which means that "for the first time you'll get to interact with everyone from Ted Bear and Shark Dad, to the Star Spangled Bastard and mayyyyybe the Purple Shirted Eye Stabber." The franchise has earned a reputation over the years for exploring controversial topics with a satirical bite through cartoon stick-figure art and surreal stories, and the intial trailer suggests we can expect plenty of the same black humour in the upcoming adventure.

Though the Kickstarter campaign has already blown past its initial goal in just a few days, there are still plenty of stretch goals yet to reach, including additional platforms, more localization, side quests, and even a longer story. The campaign will run until October 5th, with a target completion date for the "first chapter" on PC currently set for December 2018, with additional chapters to follow.