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The Adventure Games - Point and Click Database

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We have 3225 adventure games in our database (excluding freeware titles). If you're looking for a specific game, try using our adventure game search page. You're currently on page 238 (of 269).

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Frostwood Interactive  (2019)


Detective Michael Anderson enters the small town of Pineview to assist the police force when a couple is found dead in their kitchen.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 3
Dire Boar Games  (2019)

Reality Incognita

Peri Res has woken up unexpectedly in an unfamiliar place. Upon closer inspection she discovers it’s an eerie space vessel bound for the unknown.

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Sigur Studio  (2019)


In Repressed you play as a shadow of your own persona on a journey within your Memory Palace.

» Full game details
Backwoods Entertainment  (2019)


A comet is on course to obliterate the small town of Laburnum Creek. Renowned writer Laura Tanner visits the former health resort to interview several inhabitants who are refusing to leave.

» Full game details
Rafael García  (2019)

The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera: Episode 3

After escaping from the police station, Johnny and his friends go to find Hangar 19.

» Full game details
Deceptive Games  (2019)

ROOM 208

A thrilling horror experience featuring the abilities to transverse dimensions, allowing the player to interact with a number of different alternate worlds.

» Full game details
Steve Gabry  (2019)

Sally Face

Sally Face is about a boy with blue pigtails, a prosthetic face and a mysterious past.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 3.5
Steve Gabry  (2019)

Sally Face: Episode Five – Memories and Dreams

Sal, the boy with a prosthetic face, uses his handheld video game system to speak with the dead and learn their stories.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 3.5
Uprising Studios  (2019)


Hyke was born in an unknown place, surrounded by other souls, all of whom must start a path through the World with the main goal being to meld with it and become part of nature.

» Full game details
Jo-Mei Games  (2019)

Sea of Solitude

When humans get too lonely, they turn into monsters. That’s what happened to Kay.

» Full game details » Read our review Review score - 3.5
Amir Matouk  (2019)

The Secrets of Jesus

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the first century. Get to know many quotes and sayings from the Bible.

» Full game details
Coatsink  (2019)

Shadow Point

Shadow Point is a story-driven VR puzzle game set between a mountaintop observatory and an ever-changing fantasy world.

» Full game details

Recommended Adventure Games



Though definitely not aimed at impatient or directionally challenged gamers, Woven’s splendidly fashioned locales, likeable heroes and amusing transformations are tailor-made for a unique experience.

The Complex

The Complex

Once The Complex enters full-on thriller mode, this compelling choice-driven tale of a trapped scientist facing terrorists and moral decisions doesn’t let up and even provides enough prompting and interesting options to weather multiple plays.