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Blade Runner is being remastered


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Here’s a new snippet on what they’ve been doing with the remaster

So, basically, they are at least running the cutscenes through an AI upscaler, which was something I expected. While I do like the smoother frame rate of the upscale, they still have to think a bit more about it, as some of the original texture details are smoothed out in the process.



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Looks like a great game so far. Glad to see this game getting a remaster after all these years. It’s going to sell very well when completed.



I enjoy playing adventure games on handheld systems- PS VITA, Nintendo DS and ipad mini.

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I don’t really like the upgrade I’m seeing on the video, and they still have to show so much more for their remastering work.

I guess it’s technically the minimum they could do and show, considering this is just a cutscene. In-game models, backgrounds and the effect on each other (shadows, fog, lights, etc) is a very different and complex beast to improve upon.

I noticed the cutscene does not feature subtitles. I’m still wondering if (and also worried that) they’ll “borrow” work that we at ScummVM did for UI enhancements, the subtitles and transcript, content restoration, bug fixes without properly crediting the people that did the work.


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