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Lair of the Clockwork God


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Gatekeeper requested a new thread be opened, so this is it.

Gatekeeper -

]Watching those store videos made me feel “WTF?!”, so it wasn’t quite what the series is supposed to be all about. Also, the devs said at one point that they tried to come up with a sequel, but couldn’t do it and abandoned the idea. Apparently, they thought of a new concept that gave them a creative outlet to do it. The problem is, most of the time when adventure series try to re-invent themselves the result is horrible, like Mask of Eternity.

I will try that game some time later on, as Time, Gentlemen, Please! is one of the bestest games ever, this one could also be a positive surprise. But if those videos are indicative of anything, I seem to dislike almost everything I see there.  Frown

(And this discussion is probably completely off-topic in this thread, somebody who plays that game can open a new thread for it?)

I can say that after a few hours with this game that it’s 100% not horrible at all. It’s completely hilarious, and a continuation of the other Ben & Dan games. In fact think it’s even better. If you’re a fan of those then you’ll most likely love the game.


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This game is at least a 9/10. Almost everything it does it does it impeccably (it’s not exactly an adventure but at least 50% of the characters in the game are adventurers!) I love that even some of its flaws are actually big parts of the game (but I won’t spoil it further).


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Thanks you two, glad you enjoyed it! Smile

Quick update for anyone interested: it’s now available on Steam and Gog, and for Mac and Linux as well as Windows.


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This game is incredible, and so innovative. Very surprised it’s not getting more attention. Yes it’s cheesy, yes the controls take getting used to, but it’s made with so much detail and love for the craft of adventure games. It really achieves those feelings of joy in getting to explore new seasons and solve new puzzles. The story, the mechanics and the solutions are very surprising and fresh. I think combining platforming and P&C and into such meta gameplay is brilliant. I don’t play games with mouse and keyboard so much anymore, I play on my TV (PC hookup and PS4), so I appreciate ways to make gameplay feel tactile. In the last few years, there have been some wonderful genre busting experiences that have totally elevated this genre.


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It took a little time for me to get over “but i didnt want to play a platformer right now”.. and im thoroughly enjoying this. Its begrudgingly a platformer with a lot of great adventure elements.


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I enjoyed it a lot. I have a feeling the genre mix is going to put a few people off, but it really shouldn’t. The platforming is gentle, and it’s no more difficult than The Cave or other hybrids.


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