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Kona review

This entertaining wintry survival adventure is a breeze to live through, though it misfires in a couple areas that lessen its impact.

Read review Oct 9, 2017

Quern: Undying Thoughts review

While breaking no new ground, the Myst legacy lives on in this highly polished, puzzle-packed indie adventure.

Read review Feb 3, 2017

Barrow Hill: The Dark Path review

The unexpected horror sequel treads a very familiar course, but leads once again to some largely effective atmosphere and gameplay.

Read review Dec 2, 2016

Monumental review

This indie puzzler is a massive disappointment that hearkens back to the genre's dreary days of poor Myst clones.

Read review Jun 15, 2016

Dream review

This surreal adventure largely wastes its potential as a Myst-style sleeper, and a host of bugs serve as a rude wake-up call.

Read review Oct 12, 2015

Homesick review

This short first-person adventure is rich in melancholy atmosphere, but its flimsy story isn't much to write home about.

Read review Jun 10, 2015

Pneuma: Breath of Life review

While its metaphysical premise seems fresh at first, this 3D puzzler winds up feeling stifled by its familiar formula.

Read review Apr 6, 2015

MIND: Path to Thalamus review

This beautiful first-person puzzler looks and plays like a surreal dream, but neither its story nor puzzles will put much demand on your frontal lobe.

Read review Feb 11, 2015

Among the Sleep review

This unique horror seen through the eyes of a two-year-old is rich in creepy atmosphere but its gameplay is a bit wobbly on its legs.

Read review Jun 24, 2014

realMyst flashback review

The free-roaming version of Cyan's venerable classic took players to a whole new dimension and a short new Age.

The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime review

Updated and re-released, the 2014 edition looks better than ever, though its cosmetic makeover can't hide all of the original game's shortfalls.

Read review May 9, 2014

Eleusis review

Steeped in early atmosphere, even optional enemies can't sustain the tension through this 3D horror adventure's weak story and puzzles.

Read review Oct 23, 2013

Normality review

Read review Apr 3, 2003

The Crystal Key review

Read review Feb 23, 2003

Redjack review

Read review Jan 23, 2003

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