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Walkthrough - Boïnihi: The K’i Codex

First steps

  • Follow Boïnihi in the first region of Peibin Lake
  • He put the K'i Codex for us in a statue's hand, but it is locked

During the whole adventure:

  • We must talk to K'a and K'i every time that it is possible
  • We must talk to Maiden to unlock several things (memcard, diary...)
  • We must complete the Herbarium (find plants in the environments – there are 3 or 4 per region)
  • We must complete the story of Boïnihi (diary)
  • We must find various tools in order to translate the K'i codex
  • We can sit in the spaceship at any time to do various things (travel to other regions, read info, etc)

The main purpose of the story is to translate the K'i Codex.

Explore the first region (Peibin Lake)

  • visit and try to take different things (letters, codex, herbs, etc)
  • get the black and white stones (in the scales of the bronze statue), then the heavy "hammer" (in the hand of the stone "buddha"), then break the stones with it on the small table: you get 2 keys
  • get the "coordinates shield" (on the stone near the middle of the pond, next to the statue by the red portal)
  • use the keys at the bronze statue to get the Ki Codex, but you can't read it yet
  • go to your spaceship, check what you can do inside. Translate the letters dropped by Boïnihi with the help of Maiden
  • find new coordinates (ask Maiden to analyze the "shield" in your spaceship – drag & drop item on her)
  • check these coordinates in the cockpit and rotate the small spaceship icon to the location indicated on the circle, and press GO
  • leave the first region with your spaceship (note: you cannot come back here for a while, but it shouldn't be a problem)

Explore the second region (Library Island)

  • we are advised that we have to find new coordinates to leave this island and visit the other regions with our spaceship.
  • visit the surroundings of the library of Boïnihi, and then his desk inside
  • take the small pot at the entrance of the building in the cave
  • take the umbrella on the left path in your inventory
  • discover the empty book on the desk: we will use it later to write the translation of the K'i Codex
  • to write the translation later, we will need some tools as explained: brushes, black ink, clues to understand the language, etc. A list is added next to the book: come see it often to check your main objectives.
  • there is a "map modeler device" on the right path: we can place a paper on there, and give it some "volume".
  • We can find the paper needed at the very last page of the K'i codex (hidden on the right of the book). It is in several parts and needs to be assembled first.
  • Put the pages in the "modeler device"
  • we need a way to stitch them together: take some molluscs on a rock in the sea next to the spaceship, to obtain some glue. Take a roll of old tape next to the modeler device.
  • In the inventory, combine the old tape with the molluscs, and use the resulting tape to fix the pages of the map
  • close the modeler device and use the small lever on the left to "pump" some air inside the map: some of its parts will increase of height. Pump to the maximum and you will reveal color balls on the orientation table outside.
  • Inside the modeler device, the paper you have put is a representation of the islands of the moon. It now shows you the altitude of the regions. The highest one will be the highest in your spaceship coordinates (1000), and the lowest is 0.
  • we know the heights of the regions but we still don't know which region corresponds to each illustration of the map.
  • go to the bronze plate (the orientation table). The position of the 4 drawings of the paper map is the same than the position of the 4 "islands" on the plate. We can identify the Library Island where we are (with a yellow ball), the Peibin Lake (blue ball). The others are Hydra Crest (red ball) and Ailhon Woods (green ball). The stick in the middle of the plate is the strange white tower that we saw before in the ocean in a video.
  • We can now associate the altitude with each island (it will be the Z coordinate in the spaceship). If we want to go to these places, we then need the X and Y coordinates for the ship. We can see that in the cockpit of the spaceship there are 12 graduations in degrees.
  • The bronze plate is divided into 12 parts. 12 hours in fact (militaries are using this in planes to give a direction). The problem is to find the 0 (or 12 o'clock), because nothing says where is the "top" of this plate.
  • We can use the shadow projected by the central stick + the current hour based on the sun position to determine what is the 0. We can know the hour on the clock near the desk, and some more details can be added in the ship computer by looking at a cliff outside the cave, on the right. Finally we should find that the shadow on the plate points to "5", and so we can deduce the following.
  • We only have to determine the location of the small colored balls in "hours" and we obtain the X,Y coordinates (convert hours to degrees) where the ship can land on each island.
  • Now we can enter the coordinates and go to the 3 other regions at will:
    - Hydra: 11h +1000alt
    - Peibin: 4h +0alt
    - Library: 9h +0alt
    - Ailhon: 6h +500alt

Next objectives
As stated above, on the desk you should see a checklist of things to do or find, in order to succeed in your quest:

  • brushes
  • pure spring water
  • stick of black ink
  • light clay
  • completed herbarium
  • rosetta stone
  • boïnihi's signature

Every time you succeed in finding one of these things, it is crossed out.

Visit the other regions (Hydra Crest, Ailhon Woods)

  • gather useful information to translate the Ki codex
  • gather all plants to complete the moon herbarium (total 15)
  • complete the diary of Boïnihi
  • bonus: get 4 memory cards from K'a and K'i

Get the signature of Boïnihi
find all 4 letters dropped by Boïnihi in the regions. At the end there is his signature, click on it to "memorize it" for later.

Obtain the "rosetta stone" (Ailhon)

  • You need at least pages 3 and 4 of the Diary of Boïnihi translated (anterran to English)
  • Click on the picture with constellations inside
  • Near the tree of life (the large tree with a white light at the top), click on the top glowing sphere. If you didn't check the constellations, nothing happens. If you saw them, there is a puzzle to help you translate some letters and learn them in K'i language.
  • Then there are several characters in the language of the K'i codex: choose the ones from the diary of Boïnihi. You will learn the symbols for the syllables TA, LI, and FA (which is actually PA). Talifa is the name of Boïnihi's birth planet.
  • When the puzzle is solved, you receive the ammonita stone where you can identify many other syllables in this alphabet. You will be able to use it later to translate the codex.

Make some light clay (Peibin)

  • go back to Peibin lake. Use the umbrella in the lake near the amphoras to collect a good quantity of sand underwater.
  • You need to separate the sand and the clay.
  • Check the filtering system in your spaceship as explained
  • Check under the wing and open the hatch.
  • Get the filter by following the instructions. You should find out that the password required is 2760
  • drop the sand from the umbrella into the filter. Put back the filter in place (don't forget to lock the filter by resetting the password), and when you turn on correctly the device you get the light clay

Make a stick of black ink (Hydra)

  • in an amphora at Peibin, you can find an illustration to explain how to make a key. Keep it for later. Then behind the small building at the end of Hydra Crest, you should find a small piece of paper that shows a ball of coal converted into a stick. Use this information with the excavator to make an ink stick.
  • First learn to use the excavator by making the key as explained in the paper from the amphora. Take a ball of gold ore in the excavator wheel.
  • put the ore in the excavator, at the top
  • open the control panel. You need to get rid of the snow first...
  • Go to Peibin Lake, search for the spot of algae along the lake and take some. Bring it back to Hydra.
  • Click again on the snow in the control panel to remove it. The power is now on and you can use the main switch.
  • solve the puzzle of the control panel to ignite the excavator. To make the key, the 3 central cursors should be set (like shown on the document) at top, bottom, top values. Then set the temperature to 1070 (this is what the document says for that kind of ore). You can do that by starting at 0°C (press -1000 if necessary), then add 1000, then add 7x10.
  • Press the red button outside to transform the gold ore in a clock key. Take it in the machine on the left. Save it for later.
  • Now do the same operation to make the ink stick. Take a ball of carbon ore in the wheel and put it in the top hole like before.
  • Set the cursors like written on the small piece of paper found earlier: middle cursor at 4 and on the right at 3. Then set the temperature as written on the document to 3820 for carbon. Set the temperature with the buttons. You can do, for example (starting at zero):
  • 2x 10, red valve, 2x blue valve, 2x 1000, red valve, and finally 1000
  • ignite and take the coal stick.


Pure spring water (Ailhon)

  • there are many places on the moon with water, but we need pure spring water. You can find it in Ailhon.
  • Look at the wood bucket in the building with a pool, to find figurines.
  • I don't think you can figure out the good order to click on them, so you'll have to find instructions.
  • While exploring the Library, you could have found a book with a story about a cristal of water. In the middle of the figurines you can see a crystal too.
  • Write down the list of words that are underlined in the story of the crystal: they give you the correct order to click on the figurines.
  • Solve the puzzle to see a spring of water flow next to the bucket
  • you need something to take this water
  • previously we took a small pot at the entrance of the library. Use this item on the spring.
  • You get a bottle of pure water of Ailhon

Find the box of tools and brushes (Library)

  • near the desk there is a clock and if you look closer you will see a hole. Use the key item here.
  • click on the small button under the clock on the desk, and a drawer will be released
  • you can take the box of tools
  • open the box and put the content out on the desk

Prepare to translate the codex

  • now you should have everything you need to work: the whole checklist is crossed and the desk is ready
  • when you're ready to translate, click on the list to start the puzzle
  • several things are explained regarding the knowledge and tools you have acquired. You need to translate the first word. Look at the page of the dandelion in the herbarium: you will find the translation to type in: taraxacum
  • continue like this with the next words: people, black cubes
  • then you start to work on the syllables. You're asked to translate a word that looks familiar. It's again the word taraxacum with a different spelling. Just type taraxacum
  • finally you have to translate a final word with the help of the ammonita stone. Start to write the letters that you saw before (help yourself with the words translated on the left). You should obtain TEMPE?T?E?. You already saw the last letter earlier but you can guess it easily, it's a plural, so an S. You only need to translate the 2 missing syllables: look for the corresponding symbols in the ammonita stone, and you obtain the word temperatures.
  • you learned how to translate the codex! The astronaut finishes the work automatically (cutscene). The translated book and the original book are available in your top bar.

Use the translated book and prepare for the final chapter of the game!

  • find the recipe of the "elixir of balance" at the end of the book
  • go to the laboratory (Peibin) to create this elixir. Check the shelf with all the plants. The drawers are empty but a cutscene shows the hero filling them again. You now have all these plants, fresh and dried. Look carefully at the recipes and start to use the tools in the laboratory to make them.
  • To summarize the recipe, making the elixir of balance requires syllibum cream, portulaca oil, and essential oil from a mix of plants.
  • To make the essential oil you need thymus, mentha and allium, and add urtica as explained. Take them fresh in the drawers. Put them directly in the still. Turn on the oven, and wait a long moment (second option of the small statue). Check the result of your operation in the small bowl next to the still. You get the essential oil.
  • To make the syllibum cream, you just need to extract its content. Take the fresh syllibum in the drawer. Put it in the mortar to make a green paste. Put the paste in the bucket of water. Let it settle for a long moment (2nd option on the statue). Check the content of the bucket to obtain the cream.
  • Repeat the exact same operation with the portulaca to obtain the oil.
  • According to the recipe, mix the oil with the cream in your inventory. Add the essential oil to this cream. You obtain the elixir of balance, congrats!
  • You'll also need the deep sleep of potion which is written in the recipe of the elixir of balance. Look at the previous recipe to make it, as follow:
  • In the drawers, take plantago, allium ursinum, violaceae, and artcium. Take them dry this time. Put them in the mortar to obtain a powder. Put the powder in the bucket of water. Turn on the oven and wait at the statue, this time 8 minutes only. Check the resulting tea, which is added to your inventory. However an ingredient is missing: the recipe talks about honey.
  • Go talk to K'a at Hydra or Ailhon and give him your watercolor pigments. He will give you a pot of honey. Use this item on the tea item, and you obtain the deep sleep potion!

Ready for the final chapter:

  • before you continue, if you have obtained the 4 memory cards (record of your past journey), don't forget to watch the full video (it's a bonus, you can finish the game without it)
  • finally, go to Hydra and use the elixir to open the mausoleum of Boïnihi (just put it in the small bottle of the elixir of balance, followed by the deep sleep potion, and the door opens)

Visit the mausoleum of Boïnihi (Underground region)

  • Check the computer on the left to see a small puzzle. You need to place colored balls in the good position. You should know from the orientation table at Library Island that the green ball is for Ailhon, the yellow for Library, the red for Hydra and the blue for Peibin. And from the device in the library (where you had to pump) you can make the link with the good symbols. Place the balls accordingly and the door will open.
  • Check the small statues in the corridor and take the hat. You'll use it later.
  • Continue to the tomb of Boïnihi. There is a sarcophagus but it's locked. Go back to the control room and use the other computer near the seat.
  • You simply have to solve a simple tangram
  • open the tomb of Boïnihi and take the Black Cube. You are sent to a new room... inside the Cube!

Solve the final puzzle

  • The Kitrinos want to test you. They ask you the name of a Talifan who lived long ago.
  • Look at the texts on the floor around the room, they give the names of some of the people who met the Kitrinos, when and where it happened. There are 2 Talifan names on them: Sta'n and Cla'r. They are both composed of 4 letters.
  • You will see that the number "4" comes back often next, and this should give you a clue:
  • On one of the stones you can see 4 golden figurines that represent Boïnihi at different ages of his life. They are the same as larger statues that you could find in the other regions of the moon. Write down the order of appearance and the names of these regions.
  • Look at the stained glass on the columns. There are 4 that are in color and 2 that look more "white". You can forget the 2 ones without color.
  • Write the colors of the 4 colored stained-glasses and the symbols associated.
  • Take your list of regions in the right order, link each of them with their color (remember the balls from before?) and this will give you a list of 4 symbols in the right order.
  • Translate the symbols to letters with the paper found on the floor next to the hat of an archaeologist from Terra. You obtain HSKM. Give that name to the Kitrinos by touching the yellow tesseract.

The end

  • Back to the moon, take the Cube. The energy shield around the armor of Boïnihi is disabled. Take the black stone in his hand.
  • Go to Ailhon Woods. Put the hat from your inventory on the small statue next to K'a.
  • Check the other statue (the one with a kind of antenna) and you obtain a white stone.
  • Bring the stones to the bronze statue with scales in Peibin. It is the end of the game!

(Enjoy the ending movie!)

GAME INFO Boïnihi: The K’i Codex is an adventure game by Simon Says: Watch! Play! released in 2020 for PC. It has a Illustrated realism style, presented in Panoramic nodes and is played in a Third-Person perspective.


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