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Dark Fall: Lights Out strikes gold!

The Adventure Company has just declared that Dark Fall: Lights Out has gone gold and will soon be on store shelves:

"Dark Fall: Lights Out begins with the arrival of Benjamin Parker, a young cartographer, in the Cornish harbor town of Trewarthen. Jagged falling rocks have claimed the lives of many of the town's fishermen, and Parker is sent to map the area, only to encounter great hostility from the townspeople. As a deep fog rolls in, the faithful light of Fetch Rock Lighthouse suddenly goes out, putting the lives of fisherman at peril. Parker is sent to investigate and discovers that Fetch Rock Lighthouse hides an ancient and chilling secret..."

Dark Fall: Lights Out is the sequel to the well received independently-developed Dark Fall: The Journal, a paranormal themed first person adventure from XXv Productions. Read our own review of The Journal for more, as well as our preview of Lights Out. The game's official site gives more info as well.

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