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Casual Playthrough #6 – Drawn: The Painted Tower


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I was still playing but you don’t need to wait for me as I tend to always end up being terribly late anyway. I’m gonna add my thoughts here now though.

I also love the art and the music (probably said it already). I finished the second part of the game with my 7 yo daughter, she was very interested in the game and I made her start a game of her own after we finished. Too bad it’s in English though, she only knows a few words. (If you can recommend a similar game that doesn’t require the grasp of English language I could get it for my daughter.)

I encountered a few crashes (using BF client). Actually I couldn’t restart the game without manually closing it from the task manager, where I noticed it took 1,6 Gigs of memory. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason for crashing. Even WoW doesn’t usually take that much and for some reason this casual game which is basically a slide show does.

I took some screenshots too but haven’t really sorted them so see if there’s anything good. I recommend a could service (I have Dropbox) that automatically saves a screenshot when you press print screen, unbelievably handy when playing. Doesn’t work with Steam games though, and the Steam’s own screenshots have such a low quality, that I usually use Fraps while playing Steam games.

I remember being somewhat stuck with the Friend or Foe puzzle on my first playthrough but now I waltzed through it like a pro. I was actually a bit confused, “was it really this easy?”. This time around I didn’t figure out what I was supposed to do with the skylight though. I randomly pressed it a bit, noticed how it moved, but never realised where I should aim it before I accidentally solved it already.

The whole Dragon and Griffin issue. Those are just banners, right? That’s what I figured out at least. There is no “real dragon” involved. Even the story on the cave wall said something like “With the storm came the evil under the banner of a dragon”. I guess the banner for Iris’ kingdom is the Griffin and the enemy kingdom has the dragon. So the dragon int he painting surely is not the evil.

I also think the story is kinda light, but I also understand the point about having hints instead of revealing the whole thing. Will have to see where it goes in the second and third games, I haven’t played them earlier. They’re ready and installed though.


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