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Adventure Game Scene of the Day — Monday 6 May 2013


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Pepper’s Adventures in Time! 4.5 stars on Adventure Gamers!


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For all its educational merits, it’s not very informative about the ideals of the 60s. Maybe I missed the point but you’d think the families of all the designers were killed by a gang of murderous hippies, the way they are portrayed in the game.

Maybe it was meant to be the political antithesis of Ecoquest. Or maybe I’m taking it too seriously, it’s only a kids game after all Tongue


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Hoagie sure lost a lot of weight. No, wait… Tongue


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Ah…Pepper! Grin

I think Pepper is a very educational game, not much beacause of the plot, but because of it’s TRUE button (you can click on anything in the game and learn stuff ) and also the quizes (at the end of each act)where kids can learn history stuff.

I remember liking the fact that you can also play as Lockjaw, (bite and hide things especially ruin stuff in that spoiled brat’s house that kidnaped him)
And the proverbs you needed to give to people was a very original ideea. I also remember having trouble getting all the things for the kite experiment Pepper needed.  But I liked it.

And I would recommend Pepper, and also Ecoquest 2 to kids. Grin





I am baaaaaaaack!

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