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Many moons ago I played Colossal Cave Adventure on a Harris mini on a green screen VDU in a dark terminal room, got kicked out at 21:00 but at least it was within yards of the Union bar. Loved it and it inspired me to write my own game on the Harris, using Pascal. Got a little following and brought down the University system a couple of times.

A few months back I was clearing out the loft and came across some folders containing pages of green line flow; then realised why I had a viva as had spent way to much time creating the world of Tresaria!

Anyway this made me have a go at trying to take this youthful imagination and put it onto an iPhone and the result is a simple game app launched on the Apple App Store a few days ago.

The game is simple and only initially covers about 50 rooms but will expand into the mountains and bay I created 30 years ago.

Have a look at it and see what you think? It is on the App Store and you can share your thoughts here or at http://www.tresaria.com.

Enjoy!? Wink


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