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Spellirium - A new adventure with an old, text-based twist

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Joined 2013-05-06


Hi everyone!  i’ve been working on a game for the past five years called Spellirium:


It’s a trashpunk comedy adventure, created for those of us who remember playing text parser adventures back in the day. So instead of a focus inventory manipulation, you solve puzzles by spelling words.

For example, in this challenge, you shear the sheep by spelling synonyms for CUT (TRIM, CHOP, SHEAR, BUZZ, etc.)

Spellirium was inspired by genre mash-ups like Puzzle Quest.  Adventure games and word games seemed a natural fit to me, because i remember playing Ulysses and the Golden Fleece, the Marvel Questprobe games, the Dallas Quest, the Windham Classics, and all those early parser-based games with single (sloooww-loading) screens of graphics. Smile

The game is currently in alpha. We’re trying to crowdfund support to finish the third act, and to purchase voiceover for the game.  i’d absolutely love your help seeing this labour of love through to completion!

- Ryan  



You are here: HomeForum Home → Gaming → Adventure → Thread

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