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Review of The Perils of Man

Rating by thorn969 posted on Jul 7, 2017

Easy but buggy interesting short outing

This game was very short. And quite easy. Pretty much all the puzzles were of the pixel hunting variety, although occasionally you were required to put together relatively simple facts. It sometimes seemed to be trying to be educational. I didn't like the inventory system and the tracking was occasionally off. The hints tended to be weak and unhelpful. But the biggest problem was in terms of bugs. I played on PC; I don't know if these problems also exist on iOS. I didn't run across any game-stopping bugs, but frequently the game would allow you to do things in a wrong order that screwed up later aspects. The biggest example was that I didn't actually find the Mark III Risk Atlas, the second, improved Risk Atlas and the game kept going with everyone acting as if I had found the improved Risk Atlas. In a tracking bug, I was able to walk across a room without entering the room so the camera didn't follow my character. Some cutscenes stopped playing or lines of dialogue got cut off without me pressing anything also. The game did try for profundity and... I'm not sure it really achieved it. Could it achieve it in about 4 hours of playtime? The premise of the Risk Atlas and foreknowledge and time travel and its potential consequences were interesting... I definitely feel the game didn't do enough to attach us to the characters for a PC adventure game. The ending was... I think unsatisfying for me. I think we should have been given more choices and more opportunity to consider potential consequences. Isn't that what the game is all about? Time Played: 2-5 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Review of Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island

Rating by thorn969 posted on Jul 7, 2017

Entertaining Monkey Island-clone

This was pretty obviously and explicitly and thinly disguised ripoff of Monkey Island, by some of the same staff. I thought this looked good, much better than A Vampyre Story - perhaps partly because I was able to play this properly? To get A Vampyre Story to run on a modern computer, I had to run it in safe-mode with the cutscenes as MPEGs and DirectX9 disabled. This game was patched by the developers to run. I found these puzzles to generally be more intuitive than A Vampyre Story, which I played immediately beforehand. There three very annoying sequences that, as far as I could tell, were guess-and-check with difficult to understand hints as to whether one was correct. The charades sequence mentioned in the review, the sword fight, and the final battle. The final battle consists of a... perhaps somewhat anti-climactic... stand on a platform moving around to reflect energy bolts back to the caster. There are about a dozen points to stand at, the bolts move randomly, and you have to hit three correct points. The humor, as pointed out by the reviewer, probably more frequently missed the mark than hit the mark. There was some attempt to be feminist and culturally sensitive, although perhaps not enough... I thought the female did get better treatment than in The Curse of Monkey Island, as one of the primary characters, although there was plenty of misogynist talk from the male characters. The story was generally satisfying, the characters were fun, the gameplay was good, the graphics nicely cartoony. A very solid effort. Time Played: 5-10 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

Review of A Vampyre Story

Rating by thorn969 posted on Jul 6, 2017

Deeply disappointing...

I thought the soundtrack was nice. The graphics weren't bad for the time, although they definitely look dated today. There were plenty of puzzles. They seemed somewhat un-intuitive to me. But the vast majority of the story was told in long cutscenes as opposed to being integrated into the gameplay. And then the game ended with a cliffhanger just when the story might get some intrigue. Time Played: 10-20 hours
Difficulty: Hard

Review of Chronicle of Innsmouth

Rating by SamuelGordon posted on Jul 4, 2017

Creepiest scene in any adventure game,who cares about Cthulhu after that?

(some spoilers ahead!) Pro: -Some hilarious situations -It has a pretty creepy "fight for your life" scene where you spend a night in a hotel where the owner is trying to stab you to death...brrr the death scenes are worth it alone! -Some great environments and music Cons: - Up close the graphics are indeed muddy. - The protagonist does look like an edited Guybrush! - Not a lot of inventory puzzles and way too easy. - Rushed climax/ending - Too short - You can't turn off that annoying progress icon in the left corner. - Uninteresting story (done before). Conclusion: It made me laugh and that one creepy scene def made it worth it! So go ahead and check it out! Time Played: 2-5 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Review of Odyssey

Rating by wisnoskij posted on Jul 3, 2017

A Fun Myst-like

For fans of the genre, Odyssey gets a lot of things right. While the puzzles could be said to be held back by the restriction of teaching elementary science, they do far better than many Myst-clones. It is a decent game that is only held back by a few poor puzzles and far too much reading. Time Played: 2-5 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

Review of Black Mirror III

Rating by andixoida posted on Jun 29, 2017

Atmospheric, mysterious, lovely.

Atmospheric and keeps you interested, curious, takes you to another world. Should have started with part 1, now I can't bring myself to it. Time Played: 10-20 hours

Review of Fran Bow

Rating by andixoida posted on Jun 29, 2017



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