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Review of Broken Pieces by Tompika72

Stars - 15

Rating by Tompika72 posted on Jan 27, 2024 | edit | delete

A complete waste of time

As far as aestethics concerned, the game delivers. In fact, it’s beautiful, attractive. But probably that’s all. Clunky movement, repetitive gameplay (pick the circuit breaker, put it here, pick it again, put it there…), bad game mechanics. Some items, objects are highlighted but sometimes you need something else what’s NOT so in the end you keep clicking on literally everything. Listen to the tapes again and again. The story is a mystery, and mostly remains a mystery even after finishing the game. If you are a hardcore Resident Evil fan, give this a try but don’t expect too much, really. The game is a failure in almost every possible way.

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Time Played: 5-10 hours
Difficulty: Very Easy

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