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Review of The Cinema Rosa

Stars - 25

Rating by My Dune posted on Apr 10, 2019

Very short, no save? but fun enough

Although the game is very short (40min), I had fun playing this game. The narrative voice is very pleasant, the sounds, music and graphics are okay.
The puzzles are not very hard to solve, but still fun.
All-in-all, an okay little game with a nice little story.
I had just one problem with the game, I had no idea how to save. The auto save did not work and I couldn't find a save option. Once you started playing the game you also can't go to options to play with the settings.
At the moment the game cost about $16 on Steam, and I think that is way too much for a small game like this. I would wait for at least 50% discount.

Time Played: Under 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

Review of Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey

Stars - 15

Rating by My Dune posted on Apr 9, 2019

Good game, but too broken

I'm so sad and angry at the same time. The game is pretty well made, but has a huge flaw that makes me angry in every game that should have been great!

The story is good, graphics look very nice. The voice acting and music I have nothing to complain about. That's all great. The only thing I would have to complain about should be the walking/traveling mechanics. It is very slow, there is no fast travel and your character follows often the weirdest route to get to the location you clicked. I really wished this was my only complaint though.
What really ruined the game for me is the broken auto save system. You have no option to save the game where you want, so there are only autosaves. Sadly enough the autosave file kept being corrupted for me. So every time I started playing the game I had to start a new game. One time I even got a message saying the file was corrupted and it gave me three options: Start a new game, start from a chosen chapter or end the game. None of which I was able to click. There is also not a menu or option to be found where I could choose a chapter to begin with. On two occasions the save game wasn't corrupted, some other bugs occurt. In one, all characters weren't anywhere to be found. Even after a restart and a reboot it didn't work. The only thing to do....start from the beginning again. The second, I had to look at a few paintings, but the option to look at the paintings didn't come up. The only thing I was able to are right....start the game again from the start. It was enough, I can't play the game again and not wasting my time anymore. It doesn't happen often, but I'm going to ask for a refund. I really hope the devs can and will fix these problems soon, for now the game is too broken to be played.

Time Played: 2-5 hours
Difficulty: Very Easy

Review of Blind Souls

Stars - 5

Rating by My Dune posted on Apr 1, 2019

Not much more then a walking sim

I didnt even play till the end of the game and I'm pretty sure I didnt miss much by doing that. The only thing you do is walking around trying to find a canvas here and there. You play with a few bars that changes the darness, colors, ect. for the painting you want to make, till you find the setting you like. When you did that you can go find the next canvas for another painting.
Every time you feel that you are done with this area, you can travel to the next, doing the same things. Explore a bit, try find the canvasses, fiddle with the colors and travel to the next area.
Every time you travel to an area, you will hear a woman talking, but I never really understood, what she was talking about.

Let this game fly by and don't waste your time and money on it.

Time Played: 1-2 hours
Difficulty: Very Easy

Review of We. The Revolution

Stars - 35

Rating by Harald B posted on Mar 24, 2019

Surprisingly rich in story, but mechanics won't be for everyone

The story surprised me both with how good it was and how prominent it was in the game. The storytelling is much more personal to the main character than in Papers, Please, which people (in part spurred on by the publisher) will like to compare this with. Also, in my view the general feeling of playing it is less like Papers, Please and more like Reigns: carefully balancing various factors while trying to create the maneuvering space to pursue your own goals. The court cases are well-written enough that you often feel uncomfortable when you forsake justice for political reasons, and having to guillotine a defendant never stops being grisly.
Unfortunately not everything else about the game supports the writing. The unique art style is quite effective, but the voice acting tends to fall flat and the game could have made better use of music. The game mechanics are a mixed bag: The court and intrigue mechanics are well done. The persuasion system is fine so long as you keep notes on what works well against what but could frustrate you otherwise. The board game mechanics are tricky and can feel out of your control, with the things you'll be focusing on in Act III being particularly obtuse. Worst of all, there are pivotal moments in the story that literally depend on winning a dice game. (I'm not sure if I had bad luck or if the game rigs things against you, but I managed to fail at every important junction.)
You can pick up a lot as you go along, there many autosaves and a certain amount of doom and tragedy and fitting to the story, so I wouldn't say these things really disqualify the game, but it is certainly far removed from your expected gameplay even for a non-traditional adventure game.

Time Played: 10-20 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

Review of Forgiveness

Stars - 25

Rating by My Dune posted on Mar 24, 2019

No sure how to rate

The concept and 'story' is nothing new and we have seen before. You wake up in a room, not knowing how you got there. You hear a voice over the intercom, telling you will be tested . So you have to solve puzzles to get out of that room into the next. There are 7 rooms to escape from, named after the seven deadly sins, envy, guild, wrath ect.
Now I don't know if my game was broken or if it was ment to be like this, but when you start you have the choice of how to play. You can choose story mode or pick one of the 7 sins to play. I picked story mode to begin, but after solving the first room the story ended for me. I never heard the voice over the intercom again. I also didnt go from room to room, but went back to the lobby where I could choose the sins.
So for me there kinda was no story, only rooms with puzzles to solve.
The puzzles are good and a few of them even very hard. Just how I like them.
Even though the game could use a lot of polishing, I had a great time solving the puzzles. When you like to play escape room type of games, this would be a good one for you.

Time Played: 5-10 hours
Difficulty: Hard

Review of Leaving Lyndow

Stars - 15

Rating by My Dune posted on Mar 12, 2019

Meet a little part of Eastshade

I played this after the sequel(Eastshade) and honestly, I don't get why this game isn't free to play by now. This one is still around $4-$5.
I don't think you can call this a game. It's more something like a walking sim. An introduction to the island Eastshade. The only thing you do is collect a few items for the journey your character is going to make. You say your goodbye's to a few people, play a little on an instrument and a little with your nephew. That's it. Within one hour it's done.
I really don't like to tell spoilers, but when you ask money for this, you should know what to expect and what you'll get.
I advise you to buy and play 'Eastshade'. That is absolute a great game! Way more better then this prequel. And you even don't have to play 'Leaving Lyndow' to understand 'Eastshade' better.

Time Played: Under 1 hour
Difficulty: Very Easy

Review of Apartment 327

Stars - 15

Rating by My Dune posted on Mar 10, 2019

Way to many BUGS

The game looks and feel great! It is fun, but also super frustrating. Not because of the hard puzzles or that thing that kills you all the time, but because of the many bugs that are still in the game. The bugs make it almost impossible to play. I've been stuck for many hours, just to find out an item you need isnt showing or the next level(day) isnt given to you. I also had to startover from the beginning 3 times!

If you really want to play this game, make sure they fixed all the bugs. But right now....there are still lots and lots of problems with it.

I would have given the game a 4 stars rating, but because of all the problems I cant give it more then 1,5.

Time Played: 5-10 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

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