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Review of Keepsake

Rating by Adventurequests posted on Jul 16, 2018

Awful game, I totally disagree with the reviewer

First of all, I think this game deserves no more than 1.5 stars.
The only good things in it, are the graphics and the music. That's it.
The game is very long, but not for the good reasons. It has too many puzzles, and the last hour of playing is just "find the right room and do the puzzle". The plot is uninteresting at all in my opinion.
It's a shame that this considered a good adventure game. I think it's just an awful fantasy game.

Time Played: 5-10 hours
Difficulty: Hard

Review of Detective Gallo

Rating by Harald B posted on Jul 7, 2018

Good, but no instant classic

More than anything else, Detective Gallo feels to me like a game that has its heart in the right place and tried hard but just couldn't make it to the top. Don't get me wrong, it's a good game across the board for sure, but it kept falling short of greatness for me.
* A nice cartoony graphic style, but the walk cycle is tedious, it went too ham on the bizarre perspective in the office, and it doesn't play nice with my 16:10 monitor. (It never seems to look as good as the screenshots for me.)
* Music is pretty forgettable.
* The voice acting is perhaps the best part.
* Jokes and general writing are good without being great.
* Puzzles are standard old-school fare, mostly good but a tad arbitrary.
* With a small world and three-ish hours of gameplay, it would be more suited as a first chapter or episode than a full game.

Time Played: 2-5 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

Review of STAY

Rating by My Dune posted on Jun 30, 2018

Very good game, but with a few very irritating parts

Very nice game with a new and cool gameplay setup with a good story and music. I don't know how many, but there are at least a few endings, although they are very close together. Easy to very hard puzzles. At least one puzzle I didn't crack and even with the solution, I still did not understand it!

Also a few irritating parts of the game though. Often you can die because of a choice you made. The choises are most of the time just a gamble and when you made the wrong choise, often you have to play the same part over and over till you made the right gamble.

Time Played: 5-10 hours
Difficulty: Hard

Review of Paradigm

Rating by Assaf posted on Jun 23, 2018

Very amusing. Enjoyed it IMMENSLY

It's been a long time since I enjoyed an adventure like I enjoyed this one. Copy pasting my Steam review:

FANTASTIC amusing adventure.
I was smiling 90% of the time while playing this game, not exaggerating! This is very special for a game to achieve.
Loved the visuals, the music, but most of all Paradigm, his dialoges and reactions are FUNNY and this makes this game a treat to play. Really up there with the classics in my opinion. Feel like a kid charmed by adventures again.
This might not fit everybody's humor but if it does... Wow you're in for a treat.

Time Played: 5-10 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Review of Lust for Darkness

Rating by My Dune posted on Jun 20, 2018

Travel into the profane, perverse land .....

I have never seen in games, what they showed in this one. So beware...this is NOT a game for young kids.
Travel into a profane and perverse land is maybe even an understatement.

Time Played: 2-5 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Review of Returner 77

Rating by My Dune posted on Jun 9, 2018

Fun puzzles, good sci-fi story

This game reminds me a bit of 'Myst III: Exile'. Alien technology based puzzles. Not to difficult, but a lot of fun to do.
The music fits very well to the environment and gives the game a lot of ambiance.
I was a bit disappointed about the ending, but leaves it open to your imationation or a sequel.

Time Played: 5-10 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

Review of Miazma or the Devil's Stone

Rating by My Dune posted on Jun 9, 2018

Get past the bad voice acting

The game starts te get interesting when you switch to the second character. So give it a chance! The acting and voice acting is teeth grinding, but once you get through the first part of the game it gets better. The game is actually worth playing.

Time Played: 5-10 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

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