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Review of What Remains of Edith Finch

Rating by thorn969 posted on Jan 19, 2019

A beautiful story with great imagery and writing

But it is essentially a movie. I felt much more immersed in Dear Esther and more immersed even in Gone Home (although I found the Gone Home story trite). I think this may be my favorite walking simulator/game-movie, but as a game I found it very thin. The most game-like elements tended to be annoying. It was totally linear. It's a poor video game and a lovely movie.

Time Played: 2-5 hours
Difficulty: Very Easy

Review of 103

Rating by My Dune posted on Dec 29, 2018

A game everyone should have played. The message is too important!

The game is very short, but very nicely made. However, that does not matter for a game like this. The message is SO important, that everyone should have played it. This story can not be told enough. Especially for those who have come in contact with something so terrible as this.

Time Played: Under 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

Review of Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror

Rating by Hristovski posted on Dec 17, 2018

You never forget your first...

This was my first adventure game.
A long, long time ago. More than 20 years.
It was this game that made me fall in love with adventure games.
I've played better, way better games, but I'm still in love with this game and I still remember many scenes and puzzles. This was a memorable game for me...

Time Played: 5-10 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

Review of Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don't Dry

Rating by sierra4ever posted on Dec 17, 2018

Really awesome and fun!

The reviewer is right. Fans, such as yours truly, of the original Larry will not be disappointed. Had a lot of fun and nostalgia with this one.

Time Played: 10-20 hours
Difficulty: Very Easy

Review of The Mind of Marlo

Rating by DrHermann posted on Dec 13, 2018

A short easy tale with a twist

I decided to add this title to my collection after reading the stellar review on this site and seeing its easy availability on Steam coupled with an attractively low price. My interest was piqued even though the comedic genre is usually one which I avoid.

On starting the game, I was struck by the simplicity of the design and the very good voice work. The graphics are late 80's pixels and entirely effective for the style of game. The voicework is just right for the type of game too, with an Essex accented character. At least I think it's Essex, certainly the area East of London anyway.

Content wise, the game is quite basic, with just a few easy puzzles and 4 fully playable screens, with 2 more employed during intro and cut scenes. Puzzles are extremely easy and none will require any head-scratching. In fact, as there are so few locations, trying everything on anything would only take a short time for anyone who does somehow manage to get stuck. Thus I'd say this title would make a great introduction to adventure game newbies, though not young kids as there are a few strong expletives thrown in for good measure.

As already mentioned, while this is not my favourite type of game, I enjoyed it and this was perhaps due to the short length (1 hour) meaning it didn't outstay its welcome.

3.5 stars as in spite of the length and simplicity, the price is low, the concept is clever and I did have an hour of fun.

Time Played: Under 1 hour
Difficulty: Very Easy

Review of Bayou Island

Rating by DrHermann posted on Dec 12, 2018

A quirky pirate tale

Bayou Island is a cute, 3rd person, comedic, short cartoony adventure which clearly makes the player immediately think of Monkey Island, or Jack Keane, or Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, or Captain Morgane or....well, you get the idea.
There is little backstory as your character finds himself on a Central American Island having lost his boat and wife. The aim is immediately apparent and that is finding his boat and getting off the island.
The next couple of hours are spent playing through a host of mostly simple puzzles, with one exception that took me almost half my game time to finally figure out. Puzzles are fair and it is almost always immediately apparent as to what needs to be done.
I enjoyed the colourful and effective graphics and the music fit the scenarios perfectly. The gringo in Central America feeling was well done.
Voice acting was grating, if I'm to be honest. The main character speaks in an accent that reeks of Southern English sarcasm. For 10 minutes it was fine, but the continuous sarcastic 'wit' became tedious very fast. The other characters were generally fine.
Gameplay is simple and clear. There was no confusion as to how to combine or use objects.
The full price of this game is low and very fair. Thus I am
awarding the game 3.5 stars to take this into account. I'd recommend this game for a beginner or an adventurer who needs a confidence boost through being able to complete a game without need of a walkthrough.

Time Played: 2-5 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Review of Midvinter

Rating by DrHermann posted on Dec 11, 2018

Cute but far too short and simple

Before I started playing, I was reminded of the excellent The Frostrune, which I had played and thoroughly enjoyed 3 months previously. I was hoping Midvinter would be something similar.
Well, it partly is, but it is let down by its length.

The premise is certainly intriguing. Playing as a gnome I was immediately reminded of my own childhood through the comments and superstitions of the family who move into the farmhouse above the gnome's abode. I was further drawn in by the characters the gnome encounters, the simple, but rewarding tasks and the delightful music.
Gameplay is straightforward and the slow movement of the shuffling gnome makes for a very relaxing experience. I only encountered one small bug, which was easily dealt with by reloading.
So why the rather low score? Aside from the simplicity, the length is the biggest detraction. I was moving along with the tasks at hand and working on the fulfillment of a couple of mini quests when the game just ended. I was brought back in front of the farmhouse and given a brief ending scene. 30 minutes and it was all over. I don't consider this anywhere near enough time to get fully involved in a game.

I am the type of player that does not enjoy replaying games just to get every ending. Once I finish an adventure game, I consider it over and set it aside for 10 years or so before it may get played again. So while I am disinterested in trying again for a different ending, other adventurers may be fine be with this and get more mileage as a result.

Time Played: Under 1 hour
Difficulty: Very Easy

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