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Review of AlternativA

Rating by millenia posted on Jun 6, 2012

Wasted potential

I really wanted to like this game. It looks good, the cyberpunk setting is great and the plot itself is interesting and full of potential. The game just doesn't deliver what it promises. The whole touch to the world seems very superficial - and artificial (and I am not talking just about the androids). Puzzles are mostly just backtracking and some of them are annoyingly illogical. Great majority of them are plain boring. Overall there's very little to interact with. Voice acting differs from mediocre to horrible and the characters itself don't seem to have any layers, depth, or even charm. The story could have saved the game from mediocrity but it ends just when it's starting to pick up and actually get interesting. It's not a completely bad game, just not really a good one either. Time Played: 5-10 hours

Review of Paradise

Rating by emric posted on Jun 6, 2012

benoit sokal's charm is almost completely obscured by very poor game mechanics & design

the voice acting was acceptable, cinematics were sometimes very strong and music was sometimes quite nice. but everything else was very disappointing! the interface was one of the clunkiest i've ever seen in an adventure game. the game fully froze for 3 seconds every time you exit the inventory screen! the slowly responding animated cursor made finding hotspots even more challenging. the arrangement of screens in every location of the game created unwanted mazes. the entire game was plagued by extreme pixel hunting issues (would've benefited greatly from the more recent invention of a hotspot viewer). the writing was poor. there was not nearly enough description in the game. there was no facility for getting a description of your surroundings or inventory items. puzzles weren't presented well (or at all) so most of the time i didn't really know what i was supposed to be doing. the character lighting was quite suspect as ann remained somewhat bright even when walking through shadows. there were corners cut in animation. and gameplay bugs abounded—as unforgiveable as ann attempting to give an item to a female NPC and the message coming up "i don't want to give that to him". characters would sometimes talk about events you'd already changed as if they hadn't been changed. QA was very poor indeed. despite all this, some of benoit sokal's charm still managed to get through, particularly in the design of the fantasy creatures of maurania and his trademark soft, misty lighting art style. but overall i was dumbfounded at how the creator of the syberia games could produce something as weak as this to follow-up. i suspect that much of the fault was to do with publisher deadlines and issues with production. Time Played: 10-20 hours

Review of Overclocked: A History of Violence

Rating by emric posted on Jun 6, 2012

a highly enjoyable and unique psychological thriller

I guess I'm still kinda used to the old days of adventure gaming where almost everything was fantasy, sci-fi or comic. But playing a modern adventure thriller like overclocked, exposed me to a whole new cerebral level of engagement in gaming. I felt something quite similar when i played the even greater investigative thriller "Still Life". But Overclocked is still a fantastic achievement from German production house "House of Tales". It's a unique type of gameplay where as a leading psychiatrist you are called in to reconstruct memories of 5 recently admitted amnesiac youths. You work with these patients by trying to find the right stimuli to trigger their recent memories and then as they begin to recount them, you play out the memory scenes as the patient. Mostly, these scenes/memories are provided in the order of most recent and then proceed backwards. So the experience is sometimes like piecing together events, kinda like in Christopher Nolan's film 'Memento'. What gives the game even greater depth is how the main character's (psychiatrist David McNamara) work relates to his personal life and his own dark issues. So on many levels i thought this game was extremely well executed. In the middle it began to feel slightly monotonous, but this drop in pace didn't last long at all. The game is very linear, but I don't mind this style at all. I never needed to consult a walk-thru as all puzzles were quite logical. The number of locations is less than in most adventure games and overall it felt marginally on the short side. Voice acting, interface, music, quality of writing and cutscenes were all great. Visually, the game environments didn't lend themselves to be stunning, but they were nevertheless quite adequate. Time Played: 10-20 hours

Review of NIBIRU: Age of Secrets

Rating by emric posted on Jun 6, 2012

awful main character voice acting spoils an already mediocre game

If there's an adventure gaming scale with linear/controlled style gameplay at one end and non-linear/open at the other, I'd put Nibiru at the extreme end of linear/controlled. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. It just depends what you like. I usually prefer a somewhat structured narrative experience, so Nibiru would ordinarily match my style. However, even I found it a little too heavy-handed in its implementation. So be warned, if you're into free, open narratives and lots of locations available to explore at once, this is definitely not the game for you. The plot, while solid enough, is highly unoriginal and extremely cliched. y'know, yet another 'indiana jones' type thing which the adventure genre is already saturated with. But for me, the major failing of the game is the main character. He has no charisma whatsoever. He doesn't even seem to have any personal interest or stake in the events of the game. And the voice acting is atrocious! He reads every line the same way—sort of a news-reader style. It becomes laughable to hear lines like "i found a hammer, it might come in useful" & "oh no, she's dead, this is terrible" read with exactly the same level of non-interest!! The graphics are fine. Not amazing, but quite pleasing. The ending was extremely disappointing tho—it felt like the developers had run out of time and/or money and just left out most of the content you expected to see in the closing video sequence. Time Played: 10-20 hours

Review of The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble

Rating by Advie posted on Jun 5, 2012

Woodruff game is absolutly up to year '12 Adventuring standards .

When you mention Coktel Vision the 1st thing that comes to your mind apart from it being a Part of Sierra's Golden Age of Adventure Gaming is Gobliiins (trilogy) and 2nd is The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble . The game was released 1994 and it was a sort of breakthrough for Adventure Gaming at that time ,especially for Sierra_Online as the high-resolution used for Woodruff and the Schnibble is what Sierra had used and rolled on with it, to take the company to a next level. also The elimination of verbs scrolling interface to a simple one left click . which Sierra used at their next developed games Such KQ7 . as fun as it would seem but at that time the game hadn't got as much credits for that, and many complained about the often ludicrously hard puzzles, the lack of original music, and the repetitive background sound effects; complaints that were often echoed in every review came out for the game. The story as it goes from the start describes how humanity has finally returned to the surface of the Earth after living near the planet's core for centuries, following a nuclear war, to discover a peaceful race mutants called Boozooks, living in the middle of the jungles that now the whole world. The humans easily overpower or dominate the world again and the (Boozooks as well), killing many of them while enslaving the rest. The game starts with a scene inside a small house, where Woodruff (our hero) just a little baby mutant playing with his teddy bear on a table, while another man presumed to be his father works on a contraption (looked like a pair of headphones). Suddenly, someone breaks in, and Woodruff's father as fast jams the contraption onto his son's head, and hide him into a box. The father get knocked out and dragged away, all that while Woodruff watches in horror from his hiding place. Your playing and control over Woodruff starts within moments of this terrible event, woodruff transformed into a teenager in a jiffy . Woodruff not able to remember anything of what happened as growing up that fast left him with blacked memory for things are very old and distant, when all had just happened upon the just last minute ,who he is? or what has just happened?, only one thing clear in Woodruff's mind is the word "Schnibble" that echos on n on. as you move on into the world of Woodruff's the more things around you and goals become clearer. The Game comes with a cartoon-like appearance similar in art style and design to the Gobliiins series ,it is fully Voiced and such great voice acting as well, with some issues with the Subtitles as the game was not Originally released with, but that was fixed at SCUMMVM . The Game really could not had been titled any thing but Bizarre!, from weird characters , Strange voices, and warped humor to the layout of classic adventure gaming, that will challenge every and even the most greatest experienced player. new Adventure gamers would surely be annoyed with Woodruff slow double clicking to a fast jump into the next screen as well ...etc and all the luxurious. The puzzles of the game are downright hysterical (Bizarre) with a lot of interesting (original) inventory ones, were nothing is what it seems!!. The inventory itself is always easily accessed by one right mouse click. but (uncommonly) discludes using Inventory with each other. The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble holds more than 14-18 hours of gameplaying, with a great story, great humor and above all challenging puzzles that will kick you back right to the great early classic days. The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble is much fun Adventure to play even now, after almost more than 16 years of its release. Time Played: 10-20 hours
Difficulty: Very Hard

Review of Stacking

Rating by Kix posted on Jun 5, 2012

Inventive, Extra Challenges

Positives: Puzzle solving like I have never seen before, Multi-solution puzzles which add most of the challenge and replay ability Negatives: Ho-hum story and characters Story Stacking is a light hearted adventure with some quality comedic moments along the line of what has begun to be expected from a company like Double Fine. The overall theme of the game is a bit dark (maybe if this was a game for children), going from poverty, to kidnapping, and bonded child labor, although the comedic tone both disguises and lessens the importance of these themes to the overall story. The plot and the characters are a bit simple and won’t leave a lasting memory for me. You are off to rescue your family which has been kidnapped by the villain, the Barron. Your family’s abduction is part of a larger child labor and bonded labor scheme that the Barron is trying to control. You must both rescue your family and end the Barron’s child labor racket. The characters that populate the game world are more there for the gameplay than to add depth to the story. They are there for you to take over to solve puzzles as well as give simple hints when you talk to them. In this way they feel more like complex parts of an environment puzzle than actual characters. Gameplay While solving puzzles never blew my mind I did always appreciate how it always felt like something I hadn’t done before. Game play consists of you taking over another character in order to use their unique abilities to solve a puzzle. The game encourages you to dive into each new doll that you come across, test out their ability, and remember that ability because it is likely that you will have to use it in the future to solve a puzzle. The game consists of four different worlds with 3-5 plot puzzles that you most do to continue through the story. Each of these puzzles has 3-5 possible solutions to get though. When you enter a room with a puzzle a box would pop-up letting you know how many solutions there are to the puzzle and home many of these you have found. You only have to solve it once to progress though the plot, but most of the enjoyment of this game is solving the puzzles with all the different possibilities Multi-solution puzzles are both a gift and a curse. Seeing how you only have to solve it once to progress the story you may be encouraged to just keep on going and possibly come back and find the other solutions latter. Solving a puzzle the first time can be very simple. A lot of time I would already be controlling the correct character with the ability for one of the solutions when I first came across the puzzle. While solving a puzzle the first time I would notice different paths or I would remember different abilities or combination of abilities that characters possessed, which I had come across and that I could use to solve a puzzle a second or third time. The real challenge to puzzles came when trying to figure out the last one or two solutions when I had already expended with the obvious solutions. This was the part of the game that I found most enjoyable. Overall The game is worth checking out just to try out a type of puzzle solving you may have never seen before. I strongly recommend finding all the solutions to the puzzles you come across because this is where the challenge lies and for me, the most enjoying part of the game. The game has a great art style which looks and sounds perfect for a lighthearted imaginative game. The story and characters won’t leave a lasting impression on me, but I will think back to the type of puzzle solving they introduced in this game. Time Played: 5-10 hours

Review of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge - Special Edition

Rating by emric posted on Jun 5, 2012

lucasarts produce another top-notch monkey island remake

i'm so glad LucasArts continued on from their successful remake of the first Monkey Island game to re-make Monkey Island 2. i had even fonder memories of this game from my childhood. and i thought their last re-make was near-perfect. well this re-make is even nearer-perfect! you can still switch to the classic version at ANY point in the game, which is fully awesome, there's outstanding voice acting and brilliantly re-recorded music and awesome new hi-res art, but this time around they've added the ability to keep the new voices when you switch to classic mode and also the new version has a stylish hotspot soft-highlight function so that you don't miss any interactive areas. the new 2D backgrounds are gorgeous! and the characters are all done in 2D animation also, which is rare these days, but they look GREAT and basically copy the classic movements from the original game :) As a direct remake, it does suffer from the less-developed game design of the time, like having its share of illogical puzzles and an oversized inventory (which you can fill even further with items that are never used for anything, making already tricky puzzle-solving even more frustrating). but LucasArts have largely offset these problems by including a mostly-sturdy hint system so that you won't be frustrated for long. In terms of pure fun-ness to play, it didn't quite match up to my childhood memories, and i did prefer the recent addition to the series "Tales of Monkey Island" which i only just finished before playing this, but as an updated trip down memory lane, this was all class. i wonder what LucasArts will re-make next... Time Played: 10-20 hours

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