Aaron Ramshaw Staff Bio

Aaron started playing adventure games when he was six years old. Classic Sierra parsers helped him learn to read and write and now he writes about Adventure Games!

He is still always looking for new and old adventures to play and has made a simple, non-commercial point-and-click as a hobbyist. He is also interested in the psychological benefits of adventure games, and has done psychological research looking at certain types of puzzles to see if they improve IQ.

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Articles by Aaron Ramshaw:


Toonstruck flashback review

Great Scott! It's a rare AG re-review for a digital re-release of a classic animated adventure that deserves to be a hit.

Lucid Dream review

Though its story isn't particularly rousing, this side-scrolling puzzler is as challenging as it is beautifully surreal.

Read the review » Dec 3, 2018

Tango: The Adventure Game review

This culturally distinctive comic point-and-click adventure puts its best foot forward with a short but rousing opening number that needs a second act.

Read the review » Nov 19, 2018

Yeli Orog review

This single-sitting Celtiberian origin myth blends FMV with slideshow-style adventuring for a simple but compelling sensory experience.

Read the review » Oct 23, 2018

Return to Zork flashback review

On its 25th anniversary, we revisit the series' first graphic adventure for equal parts fun and frustration.

tiny & Tall: Gleipnir – Part 1 review

This charming and often funny point-and-click adventure inspired by an obscure Norse myth is but the first link an episodic chain.

Read the review » Sep 5, 2018