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Stars - 30

Rating by Khan4 posted on Nov 16, 2019 | edit | delete

Not the gem everyone claims it to be

Realisation is great, the game is well put. But there’s some big let downs.

Some puzzle are very badly clued, you’ll do some things only because you can and are just trying things out of the blue, not knowing why.
And 2 puzzles can leave you running around for a long time for bad reasons:
“Bring me this I’ll give you that” clearly means what it means but no, you have to guess you need to bring something else, which you’ll eventually guess by trying everything on everything out of desperation, or rightly resorting to a walkthrough.
“No need to talk to that person again” Means no more interaction needed to any gamer. But no, you have to give that person something later, out of a single sentence heard hours ago… It will teach you how to love walkthroughs.

Turns out bringing concentration camps in the story is just for the sake of it. The ultimate drama receipe easy and ready to reuse. Shame to use it like that and not to deeper means.

Any SF fan will loosely guess what the story is about. But what could have been a great mechanic, the visions, are really only used once and otherwise, other than ambiance and visuals, serve no purpose. Apart from making you guess something about the main character early in the game that is revealed at the end with then no surprise.

Worst of all, after explaining the whereabouts of the story to you like you were a retard, the game ends on a cliffhanger, while just a final puzzle sequence could have completed it. The developpers anounced they would be funded for a follow-up, but they didn’t do it, so it remains unfinished. Anyway they would have had a bad time coming up with enough material for an entire new game out of this. Real bad commercial choice.

In the end it’s just a missed opportunity for a great game. I lost my time. No pun, unfortunately.

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Time Played: 5-10 hours
Difficulty: Hard

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