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Unraveling The Order of The Snake Scale a Lovecraftian horror

Indie game developer Paweł Geremek is set to release his latest creation, The Order of The Snake Scale, a Lovecraftian-Fallout inspired horror game, on March 13, 2024. This atmospheric indie horror game, crafted with a blend of political fiction and Lovecraftian elements, presents a unique gaming experience that harks back to the golden age of adventure games.

Drawing inspiration from classics such as the Gabriel Knight series, Broken Swords, Silent Hill, and Resident Evil, the game is steeped in a rich narrative that revolves around the mysterious murder of a woman in a small mining town. Geremek has personally crafted most of the 3D models and textures in Blender and Gimp, lending a distinctive aesthetic to the game. He notes that the characters are inspired by people he's met in real life, adding a layer of authenticity to the game's narrative.

The Order of The Snake Scale promises old-school gameplay mechanics and 'tank control' player system, taking players on a journey through a dystopian world with decisions that bear consequences. The game also features 'old school style' puzzles and encourages exploration of its semi-open world. Survival is key as players navigate through a landscape filled with monsters and danger, all the while solving the mystery of the Happy Rock case.

The Order of The Snake Scale will be available on Steam from March 13, 2024.

WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD The Order of the Snake Scale

The Order of the Snake Scale is available at:

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