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Pine: A Story of Loss - A heartrending Indie Game experience

Indie games publisher, Fellow Traveller, has unveiled their latest venture, Pine: A Story of Loss. This emotive narrative game, created by New York-based developer, Made Up Games, is set to combine hand-drawn animation with wordless storytelling. The game, which is expected to launch on Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile platforms in late 2024, tells the poignant tale of a woodworker grappling with the recent loss of his wife.

The game invites players into the quiet forest glade where the woodworker once shared a life with his wife. As the seasons change, the character's daily tasks, from collecting water to planting crops, stir up vivid memories of his late spouse. These memories are then immortalized in intricate wood carvings, each one a promise to remember, yet also a potent obsession.

Designed to be completed in one or two sittings, Pine utilizes environmental storytelling, ambient soundscapes, and an original musical score to immerse players in the protagonist's world. The interactive puzzles and mini-games mirror daily chores, while the transforming landscapes reflect the passage of the four seasons. The artwork in Pine is inspired by the impressionistic environments of N.C. Wyeth, juxtaposed against clean character animations reminiscent of classic comics like Tintin.

Pine: A Story of Loss was born out of a sketch by professional illustrator and children’s book author Tom Booth, following a personal tragedy. The sketch, which depicted the woodworker in his grief, resonated with fans and sparked a wave of support, leading Booth and programmer Najati Imam to further develop the story into a full-fledged game. Pine: A Story of Loss is more than just a game; it's an interactive experience that reminds us that no one is alone in their loss. 

You can add Pine: A Story of Loss to your wishlist on Steam to be notified when it becomes available.

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