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Get lost in a mind-bending adventure with Viewfinder Snapshot

Get ready to experience a mind-bending adventure with Viewfinder Snapshot, now available for free on Steam. Developed by Sad Owl Studios and published by Thunderful, Viewfinder is a first-person puzzle game where photos can be manipulated to shape the environment and solve puzzles. The game's unique mechanics have garnered much anticipation among indie game enthusiasts. Now, PC players can finally get a glimpse of what's to come with the launch of Viewfinder Snapshot on Steam.

The free demo offers players a chance to experience the game's mysterious first-person puzzle adventure and experiment with its mind-bending world-shaping mechanics. The demo begins with early-game puzzles where players find photos and play with the possibilities of how Viewfinder lets them use them to reshape the world. It then fast-forwards to a few later levels where players can take pictures and test some of the advanced puzzle mechanics. Additionally, the demo includes unique surprises and Easter eggs for eagle-eyed players to discover.

Viewfinder is set to release later this year as a console launch exclusive on PlayStation 5. Download Viewfinder Snapshot now on Steam and experience its mind-bending puzzle mechanics for yourself.


Viewfinder is available at:

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