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Escape Tales: The Awakening - A New Puzzle Adventure

Escape Tales: The Awakening, a narrative puzzle adventure game, is set to launch on Steam later this year. Developed and published by Bluekey Games, the studio that brought you the well-received "Rooms of Realities" in 2023, now takes a departure from VR and ventures into the PC and console realm.

In Escape Tales: The Awakening, players will step into the shoes of Sam, a grieving father whose daughter has mysteriously fallen into a coma. The compelling narrative will take players on a journey filled with loss, redemption, and the hidden secrets of a forgotten past. Open exploration, multiple endings, and a unique puzzle experience are some of the key features that make this title stand out. The game's decisions and puzzles may be challenging, but players have the freedom to take their time to solve them, making for an immersive and engaging gameplay experience.

Today, Bluekey Games released the first teaser for Escape Tales: The Awakening. You can check out the teaser here:

The game will be available on Steam later this year. To stay updated on the game's progress, add it to your Steam wishlist.

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