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“Concealed”: A Chilling Visual Novel Game’s Debut

Concealed, the suspense visual novel game, is set to make its debut on Steam on November 8. Developed by CASCHA GAMES in collaboration with Neverland Entertainment, the game is adapted from the comic series Parallel and promises to plunge players into a thrilling world of horror and mystery.

The narrative of Concealed takes off at Diyingling High School, where a group of students becomes entangled in a series of bizarre events. Players will be tasked with making crucial decisions, unravelling mysteries and navigating through multiple endings. As the protagonist, Meng Jiangnan, players will return to Diyingling High School after an exchange program abroad, only to find that their once serene life has been replaced by a series of eerie incidents, ranging from unsolved disappearances of years past to strange occurrences within the school.

Concealed is characterized by its black and white Japanese comic style, boasting seven chronologically arranged chapters, more than 300,000 words, 20 characters, and dozens of scenarios. The game offers a suspenseful story with numerous twists and turns, providing players with an immersive horror journey that spans over 20 hours. Players will dive deep into a mysterious and terrifying world, form relationships with characters, and gradually peel back the layers of the story's enigma.

With its traditional comic designs and dream scenarios in each chapter, Concealed is set to offer a unique gaming experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats. Prepare to delve into a world filled with unknowns and thrills.


Concealed is available at:

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