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Ari Buktu and the Anytime Elevator: A time-traveling adventure

The world of adventure gaming is about to get a new addition, and it promises to be a thrilling ride. Adventure Works has officially announced the release of their new 2.5D puzzle-platformer: Ari Buktu and the Anytime Elevator. This game, which is heavily inspired by classic ‘80s adventure films, promises a feel-good, cinematic experience. The game is developed by one of the producers behind the interactive Millennium Falcon ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and it's coming soon to Steam.

To get a glimpse of what the game has to offer, check out the announcement trailer:

If you are interested, you can wishlist the game on Steam.

Ari Buktu and the Anytime Elevator offers a unique time traveling, feel-good, action adventure packed with thrilling treasure hunts. You will step into the shoes of high school student Ari Buktu, venturing into the past with his eccentric science teacher Professor Lionel Raventhorpe and his trusty chinchilla-shaped friend Julius. As you meet a cast of eclectic characters and uncover ancient ruins, you will work to solve mystical puzzles. But beware! Deadly threats such as pirates and tomb raiders lurk around every corner and will do their best to put a quick end to your quest.

The game includes 13 levels across 6 different environments, each filled with new challenges to face on your quest for priceless treasure. Use your platforming skills and wits to succeed, from puzzle solving to using the environment to your advantage. The entire adventure is made possible by Professor Raventhorpe’s time machine elevator, built specifically to find a special gift worthy of the woman who has claimed his heart, history teacher Miss Barton. It's up to Ari to help the professor on his mission to prove his love to her! Prepare for a classic tale of excitement and treasure hunting with Ari Buktu and the Anytime Elevator.

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