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NAIRI: Rising Tide preparing to surface in 2021

In 2018, indie Dutch developer HomeBearStudio introduced us to the beautiful fantasy world of NAIRI. But Tower of Shirin was not the end of the adventure, only the beginning, and now players can look forward to the next installment with the announcement of NAIRI: Rising Tide

The previous game saw the eponymous young heroine join forces with a rodent "criminal-turned-scholar" named Rex, and together the two of them ventured through the animal-inhabited oasis city of Shirin in an attempt to rescue Nairi's parents from the Royal Guards who imprisoned them. The sequel picks up where its predecessor left off, as the brave young protagonist "pushes onward on her perilous quest to save her family, leaving the Tower of Shirin's grimy slums behind." This time around, "Nairi and her companions try to overcome the many dangers of entering the upper districts ... as an apocalyptic prophecy threatens to devour everything."

Rising Tide features the same lovely hand-painted art style as before, and once again sends players across a "lively interconnected overworld, complete with mysterious ruins waiting to be discovered," in between delving deep into "secluded puzzle-dungeons" filled with "many challenging brainteasers" to solve. There will be plenty of familiar faces for fans of the original, but there will also be "tons of all-new characters ready to charm you...and ask for your help." The new game also promises a number of user-friendly features not included last time, including a map and fast-travel system, along a "reworked inventory system" and a "more customizable hint system to better tailor your experience."

The complete version of NAIRI: Rising Tide isn't due to launch on Steam until sometime next year, but the good news is that we'll soon get a free taster in the form of a prologue demo due out May 21st for Windows PC. 

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