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Weakless making strong push for 2019 release

Opposites may attract, but the real secret to lasting friendship is for one companion’s abilities to complement those of the other. In the upcoming 3D puzzle-adventure Weakless, not only does this situation lead to a stronger relationship between the two playable protagonists, it’s also the key to saving an entire civilization: their own.

A collaboration between Polish studios Punk Notion and Cubeish Games, Weakless tells the story of Deaf and Blind, two “carefree, wooden creatures” called Weavelings who embark on an unplanned journey to stop an advancing menace known as the Rot. To do so, they must work together to restore the flow of Resin, a substance that is the “life energy for every living creature” in their world. As their names suggest, one of these whimsical characters cannot hear while the other is sightless, but each has “crafted new abilities through their inabilities,” enabling them to team up against obstacles encountered in their travels.

Presented in third-person perspective, the game invites players to explore lush, “organic environments filled with curious life forms and mysteries of a bygone civilization waiting to be uncovered,” including whatever “led to their home teetering on the edge of destruction.” Among the promised locations to explore are “caves full of glowing fungi, natural basins, forgotten ruins and more.” Music is being composed utilizing instruments from around the world, including the marimba, udu, and the handpan-like RAV Vast.

While gameplay is only hinted at in the first teaser trailer released, the gameplay is described as combining exploration and “arcade puzzle elements." Since controlling both characters at the same time is impossible, switching back and forth between each one allows you to utilize Blind’s enhanced hearing abilities, while Deaf is able to clearly see the “bioluminescent” environments that make up their world. In addition, each character’s temperament balances the other, with Deaf’s “energetic” demeanor offset by the “stoic” Blind. Along the way, players will be able to view Deaf’s sketchbook to “gain a unique insight to what he thinks” about their adventure.

While no specific launch date has been revealed, Weakless is expected to arrive before the end of the year on Steam for Windows PC and also on Xbox One.

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