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Keep watch for Dark Fall: Ghost Vigil coming soon

Between its Dark Fall and Lost Crown horror series, it's easy to lose track of the various supernatural adventures in production at Darkling Room. We thought the next game in the former franchise was going to be Storm Warning, but now it appears another title is coming first in the form of Dark Fall: Ghost Vigil.

Less a story-driven horror adventure than an actual ghost hunt, the game thrusts players in the role of a newcomer to the Oxford Paranormal Group whose first assignment is to face an "all night vigil at Harwood House." Built in the English countryside in the 18th century, tragedy first befell the home in 1749 when "Lord Harwood lost his son to scarlet fever." Ever since, the manor has "passed from one owner to another in quick succession," later becoming "a hotel, a maternity hospital and eventually, in 1968, a children's home known as Shangri La." Most recently, however, it has been abandoned for four decades and is believed by the OPG to be "haunted, not by a single unknown entity, but several." Now, having set up "several remote live cameras and experiments throughout the building," it is your job to "be the eyes in the dark... watching... waiting."

Returning to the simpler mechanics of the first two games in the series, Ghost Vigil is presented in a first-person, point-and-click slideshow style. Players are stationed in the attic, but "in addition to exploring your designated investigation area, there are also ghost cams available to see other parts of the venue, as well as interactions with your fellow OPG members via messages and walkie talkie." It is your job to "monitor the equipment and paranormal experiments" and at first "things start off okay, with potential activity: orbs, flashes, temperature drops... until midnight, when things become deeply 'unexplainable.'"

Of course, no self-respecting ghost hunter would be caught dead (so to speak) without the proper equipment, so players can expect to employ gadgets like "dictaphone EVP recordings, Night Vision camera, EMF Detectors and a Thermal cam to help pinpoint phenomena." In doing so, you'll discover a "cast of ghosts" in the building with you, accompanied by "real audio phenomena captured during ghost hunts." As you continue to investigate these supernatural events, you will also "experience flashbacks to the past through Time Slips" that help to "uncover the secret hauntings at Harwood House."

Currently in development for Windows PC, there is no specified release date for Dark Fall: Ghost Vigil just yet, but you can follow its progress through the official website while you wait.

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