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Miazma or the Devil’s Stone to be unearthed on Steam April 30th

It's been nearly a decade since we last saw Jonathan Hunt, the young American journalist who returned home to his family's roots in Hungary to uncover a legendary mystery in Yoomurjak's Ring. For years we could only look on helplessly while indie developer Private Moon Studios released a sequel that was never localized into English... until now, as the long-awaited translated version of Miazma or the Devil's Stone is about to be released for Windows PC under the Microïds Indie publishing brand.

The new game once again follows the exploits of Hunt, who remains in Hungary but thanks to his earlier success has now earned a reputation as an "expert of mysteries in the past." This time around, he is called upon to investigate a "peculiar meteorite that fell on earth centuries ago." Questions abound about the nature of this "devilish stone" and what might be inside it. Is it "a huge gem, a magic formula or a devastating substance?" And just as importantly, why are certain people so intent on stealing it at all costs?

As with its predecessor, Miazma combines point-and-click photographic gameplay with live-action cinematics. Players will guide Jonathan (in third-person this time) throughout more than 20 real locations and converse with just as many characters. Of course, as is usual with Private Moon, there will be puzzles aplenty to solve, including deciphering secret documents and piecing together "the enigmas of obscure laboratories in a top-level scientific institute" as you attempt to "unravel the legend of mysterious cosmic treasures and prevent disaster." Lest the challenge be too daunting, however, an easy mode will include an optional tutorial, in-game hints and puzzle-skip functions.

Having waited so long already, there's no need to be patient much longer at all, as Miazma or the Devil's Stone is scheduled to launch on Steam tomorrow for Windows PC. 

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