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Silent Streets almost ready to make noise on mobile devices

First there was Silent Streets, the episodic mobile-exclusive mystery series with augmented reality elements that debuted with a free first installment. Then there was only silence. Soon, however, the series will be revived, bigger and better than ever with an all-new commercial episode called The Mockingbird’s Last Dive.

Silent Streets casts players in the role of a detective trying to settle in the city of Snowport, circa 1867. In this, the "oldest, darkest corner of the Empire," you will be called upon to "investigate crime scenes and interrogate numerous characters" as new cases come your way, all the while "balancing the attentions of powerful factions who all demand your loyalty… or your silence." Meanwhile, a deeper mystery lingers, as "a dead man’s footsteps lead the way through gas-lit streets of murder, conspiracy, science, spirituality, and a secret that could change the path of history." 

Presented largely in striking black-and-white hand-drawn graphics, the iOS version of Silent Streets also includes an ARG component, allowing players to use their devices to search for evidence in their real-world environments, as well as monitor actual distances required to travel between locations (though there are ways around the latter for gamers who would prefer to get on with investigating). The Android version of this game will not include these features, though the game has been designed to work just as well in a pure 2D in-game environment.

The history of Silent Streets has become a bit complicated. The original episode, The Boy with the Flowered Skin, was released for free in July, but unfortunately that free trial installment is no longer available. After the release of The Mockingbird’s Last Dive sometime in mid-January as a premium paid app (with a free trial demo), indie developer Funbakers Studio plans to return to the first episode, update it using the ARKit Framework, and re-release it as an in-app purchase. There will then be another two episodes to follow, The short, cold life of Jenny and The Devil Zoetrope at an as-yet-unspecificed time down the road. 


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