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AntVentor building towards late 2017 release

The world is a great big place, but imagine how much bigger it would be if you were the size of an ant. In fact, imagine if you WERE an ant! You won't need to contemplate this scenario for long, as you can soon find out for yourself in indie Ukrainian developer LoopyMood's upcoming AntVentor.

Okay, technically YOU aren't the ant. The titular insect is Florantine, a "funny, but slightly arrogant inventor-ant" who brilliantly designs a machine that will perform his monotonous routine work for him. Until you (the unseen player) come along and muck everything up. After destroying his machine, you'll now need to help him restore it if Florantine is ever to fulfill his lifelong dream of seeing the world.

Clearly taking its cues from Samorost and its ilk, AntVentor blends natural photorealistic environments with hand-drawn characters and "scrupulously created animation, consisting of more than 15,000 frames." As you explore, you'll encounter both "scary and cute, huge and tiny inhabitants" in this "macro world" along the way, accompanied by the "atmospheric contrabass music, specially created for each location." Blending moments of comedy wordlessly into the adventure, the game will incorporate puzzles to solve but will avoid any "tedious" types simply to pad out play time. 

AntVentor is just the short first chapter of an "AntTrilogy" for Windows, Mac and Linux, though it contains its own distinct settings with an "unexpected and fun ending" leading into the next planned episode, which promises to be larger and longer than the series debut. To learn more about the game, be sure to check out the official website for additional details.

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