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The Witch’s Isle open for exploration

It may still be September, but with fall just around the corner, it's right around that time we start to hear more of black cats, ghosts, and other haunting themes. One of the first off the mark is COCOSOLA's indie puzzle-adventure, The Witch's Isle, newly ported to PC after an earlier launch on mobile devices.

As you might expect, The Witch's Isle is indeed set on a "solitary island somewhat removed from the continent" in "a town ruled by a witch." One night, the witch appears to a young woman and curses her to die if she doesn't find the witch's stolen urn by 4:00 a.m. Controlling the cursed protagonist and working against the clock, players must begin exploring the island in search of the missing urn, and "along the way she starts hearing more and more about the secret of the witch." Will she live or die; succeed or fail? The outcome is undecided, as there are seven different endings available.

The Witch's Isle features a pixel art style with "dream-like scenery" and a muted palette befitting a night search on a remote island. As seen in the screenshots and teaser trailer, the island itself is uniquely layered, presenting players with a series of side-scrolling environments to investigate. Even more intriguingly, while the young woman is the playable protagonist, you can also "have the camera follow other characters," which may enable you to "solve some puzzles by paying close attention to what the other islanders are doing."

If you're ready to embrace the supernatural season early, there's no need to wait, as The Witch's Isle is available now on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux. A free mobile version released earlier this year for iOS and Android devices is also available with a small fee to remove ads.

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