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Larry Elmore’s SnarfQuest Tales triumphs on Kickstarter

Fans of Larry Elmore’s vintage 1980s comic book SnarfQuest (and adventure fans in general) have reason to celebrate once again. With the successful conclusion of a Kickstarter campaign, the inimitable zeetvah warrior on a quest to become the king of his tribe will soon make his return in SnarfQuest Tales, an episodic point-and-click adventure game.

Fully voiced and vibrantly animated, the game is planned as five separate episodes, each a new quest that represents part of a larger overall storyline. The gameplay will revolve around well-known adventure tropes, in the hopes of emulating the iconic series of the 1980s. Snarf will have to solve plenty of puzzles, including “fetch quests, quicktime challenges, word problems, and mechanical puzzles”. Along for the ride are Snarf’s companions, including “the armored warrior wizard Aveeare and the barbarian babe Telerie Windyarm”.

As a collaboration between the former Dungeons & Dragons illustrator and Cellbloc Studios, SnarfQuest Tales hopes to bridge the gap between Elmore’s mature themes and a more family-friendly presentation, so that fans both old and new can enjoy Snarf’s new interactive adventures together. But while the sexual content of Elmore’s writing and illustrations has been toned down, its humor is still evident, which you can see for yourself right away, as a playable demo of the game is already available.

Releasing digitally for Windows, Mac, and Linux, the initial episode should surface in the first quarter of 2016, with subsequent episodes slated to launch every three months. A DRM-free hard copy will ultimately be for sale as well, once all episodes have seen the light of day.

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