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Sol705 campaign

Oculus Rift adventure gets personal in Loading Human later this year

While first-person games using a mouse and keyboard have become second nature throughout the years, many adventurers dream of ditching such peripherals for even more natural controls. Untold Games’ upcoming first-person sci-fi adventure Loading Human promises to take a big step in that direction by utilizing the Oculus Rift VR headset to translate players’ real-world movement directly into the game.

The story revolves around writer Andre Gibson and his wife, Michelle. Andre has been diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease that is slowly robbing him of his memories, but his wife appears to have the solution. A scientific genius, she has invented Loading Human, a process that transfers the human brain and consciousness into an artificial, robotic body. However, the process requires that the subject relive the moments of their life as they are being transferred to the new body. This poses a problem for Andre, as his memories are compromised by his illness and experiencing even a single discrepancy during the transfer is fatal.

To avoid this issue, Michelle’s consciousness will be downloaded into the same android body as her husband to guide him while the transfer takes place, resolving any inconsistencies in Andre’s memories. However, this merging of minds has a cost: Andre can access her memories as well, and during the process intended to save his life he will come to discover that his wife has a dark side, and that there’s a disturbing truth about Loading Human.

Players will assume the role of Andre, exploring his memories and solving whatever challenges arise. The game is designed from the ground up to use the Oculus Rift, so players can expect not only to experience it through Andre’s eyes, but also to fully interact with the game world as well, using Rift-compatible motion controllers like the Sixense Stem and Razor Hydra, which translate the player’s arm and hand movements into the game.

Although no specific completion date has yet been revealed, the developers indicate that Loading Human is expected to release sometime later this year, on PC and Mac. For more information, check out Loading Human’s official webpage.

Update: Since time of writing, the story has changed significantly. The following is now a synopsis of the game's new plot:

A man named Prometheus has just arrived at his father's base to begin intensive training for a deep space mission. You will travel into Prometheus's mind, randomly reliving fragments of his memories in a non-linear way. The action will start at the North Pole, where you'll have to train in order to retrieve the quintessence – a dark-energy source found in the Eagle Nebula (M16) – and bring it back to your father, who needs it in order to survive. But during this training you'll meet and fall in love with Alice, forcing a difficult choice: leaving Alice for many years, or staying with Alice and consigning your father to death. Wile you travel from one memory fragment to another, you will soon discover a whole new reality in-between...

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This is totally amazing. I want this so bad.

Mar 19, 2014
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