Yesterday arrives today

New trailer heralds digital launch of Pendulo's dark mystery thriller

The past meets the present as Yesterday arrives today, as the new dark mystery thriller from Pendulo Studios has now been released for download.

Wait, what? Dark mystery thriller? Pendulo? Indeed, Yesterday marks a fairly dramatic turn for the creators of Runaway and The Next BIG Thing, as the Spanish studio set it sights on much more serious fare this time around. With homeless people in New York City being burned alive, players are thrust into the heart of an "incredible mystery surrounding the amnesiac John Yesterday, discovering connections among the strange mark which scars his hand, a dangerous and murderous cult, and a philanthropic young billionaire."

Along with the titular character, players control two other protagonists as well: the rich but charitable Henry White, who's concerned about the recent killings, and his burly friend Cooper. Together their experiences slowly but surely weave together a complex story that spans both centuries of time and place, culminating in a choice of protagonist for the grand finale, leading to one of four different endings.

Yesterday is available now though digital distribution platforms like The Adventure Shop and the game's official website.

Note: Adventure Gamers is an Adventure Shop affiliate.

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