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UK publishing details polished up for Black Mirror III

If you haven't played Black Mirror II yet, time's running out, as Lace Mamba Global announced today that they will be publishing the third and final installment in early 2011 in the UK.

Picking up after the troubling events of the second game and promising to link back to to the storyline of the original, Black Mirror III: The Final Chapter opens with Darren Michaels caught seemingly red-handed at the scene of a blazing fire at the Black Mirror Castle. Worse, he's been targeted as the suspect for murder. Thrown in jail and given psychological counselling, Darren can't recall the events of the night. Instead, he begins having disturbing, violent visions, and when a mysterious benefactor posts his bail, he must set out to discover what "dark force lies behind the tangled web of riddles, mysterious secrets and entwined relationships".

For a more detailed look at the game, be sure to check out our recent preview. There is no firm release date for Black Mirror III, but the publisher is currently targeting the first quarter of 2011.

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Thanks for the update. It will be interesting to see how this game wraps up for the grand finale…. Can’t wait!

Oct 2, 2010
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