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Casebook’s Episode III trailer slithers out of hiding

The wait for the latest episode of the acclaimed FMV Casebook series has been a little longer than anticipated, but now a trailer for the Snake in the Grass has been released.

The video doesn’t give much away, but it does offer a sample glimpse of the latest mystery. The plot follows Detective Burton as he seeks a murderer in the small town of Garden. After someone is killed at the local chapel, the most likely suspect claims to be reformed, but when Burton’s old enemy appear to be covering up, he suspects someone else. It’s up to the player to interview the inhabitants of Garden and sort fact from fiction.

There’s no firm word yet on when Episode III will be released, but the developers are hoping to launch the new adventure later this month. For those who haven’t played the series, yet you can see what you’ve been missing by visiting the Casebook website, where you can even download a standalone playable demo called Episode 0: The Missing Urn.

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im looking forward to this one. eventhough the gameplay aspects of this series are questionable at best, i do enjoy the throw back FMV acting and the main character seems like a pretty cool guy.

Jun 11, 2009

Awesome trailer! Awesome! And there is a man with a log in its arms… TWIN PEAKS! If the man says “My log has heard something” I can literally go nuts Grin

Jun 11, 2009
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