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A mystery fan since a young age I’ve progressed from reruns of ‘Murder She Wrote’ and ‘Columbo’, from back in the days when most TVs only had four channels, to shows like ‘Twin Peaks’ and ‘Lost’ and of course Adventure Games!

My favourite ones involve mysterious islands and hair-tearingly difficult puzzles which don’t offer a satisfying solutions Neutral

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The Five Cores review

A Myst clone to its every core, it's hard not to feel like you've been there, done that great looking indie adventure before.

Read review Oct 12, 2012

1953: KGB Unleashed review

This Cold War-era puzzle-adventure will challenge the limits of your mind far more enjoyably than its early KGB test subjects.

Read review Aug 3, 2012

Pahelika: Revelations review

There's nothing casual about this fantasy sequel's challenging puzzles, but its story is anything but a page-turner.

Read review Jan 25, 2012

NCIS review

The first game based on the popular TV show hits very few high water marks, largely drowning in simplistic mediocrity.

Read review Nov 21, 2011

Bracken Tor preview

Matt Clark's new supernatural mystery is nearly ready to rock the Cornish moorlands, and we got a bite-sized glimpse of it at gamescom.

Read preview Sep 5, 2011

The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 3 - Revelation review

Kheop Studio's lite adventure series ends up in another intriguing location, but can't quite stick the final landing.

Read review Jul 27, 2011

The Fall Trilogy: Chapter 2 - Reconstruction review

The second installment of Kheops Studio's casual series rises above its predecessor as a more fully-realized lite adventure.

Read review Jun 27, 2011

A Tale of Two Cities review

There's a little of both the best and worst of times in this interactive adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic.

Read review Oct 18, 2010

Loricum review

Created by a teen theatre group, this freeware adventure plays on some surprisingly emotional themes with refreshing results.

Read review Sep 6, 2010

The Filmmaker review

This indie puzzler shows plenty of opening day promise, but can't fully live up to its projections.

Read review May 28, 2010

Fall Trilogy: Chapter 1 - Separation, The review

Landing somewhere between traditional adventure and casual fare, the first of three Kheops puzzlers gets off to a solid start.

Read review Jan 15, 2010

Myst (iPhone/iPod Touch) review

The venerable puzzler finally reaches the iPod age and shows it hasn't lost its classic touch in the process.

Read review Dec 1, 2009

The Hardy Boys: Treasure on the Tracks review

The Hardy Boys keep chugging along, and their first DS mystery paints a promising picture for pre-teen adventures.

Read review Oct 21, 2009

Jane Jensen video interview interview

AG caught up with the adventure design legend at the Gray Matter recording studio, and did some video recording ourselves.

Read interview Oct 16, 2009

A day in studio with Jane Jensen and Gray Matter (Part 1)

Mark joined Jane Jensen and company in the Gray Matter recording studio, and lived to tell the tale... with video interviews!

Read more Oct 7, 2009

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