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Trailer comes together for Blackwell Convergence

Fans of Wadjet Eye’s Blackwell series have had to wait patiently for the third installment, but at last release is drawing near, and today a trailer for The Blackwell Convergence was unveiled.

The new game re-introduces players to medium Rosangela Blackwell, who has been reluctantly thrown together with spirit Joey Mallone in an ongoing quest to help unhappy spirits. The pair first teamed up in The Blackwell Legacy, but the second game was a prequel involving Rosangela’s aunt Lauren. Back in the present day, Blackwell Convergence sees Joey and Rosangela investigate another case of apparently unconnected events involving an unoccupied office, an artist who’s annoyed with himself at selling out and a Wall Street investor.

The trailer shows a variety of in-game scenes, highlighting several of the new locations and displaying the game’s distinctively retro-style graphics. The video can be streamed from the official website. (Update: the video can now also be viewed below.)

Blackwell Convergence is currently scheduled tentatively for release this June.

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