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Daemonica demo unleashed

Canadian publisher Meridian4 today released a demo of its unique murder mystery, Daemonica.

The download includes the full game, and the demo provides a one-hour playable period with an online purchase option to unlock the remainder of the game. While Daemonica is available as a retail boxed product in North America, the game currently has no UK publisher, making the online distribution a chance for international gamers to play the game. (Addendum: Unfortunately, the option to unlock the full game is not available for gamers outside North America.)

Daemonica closely resembles an RPG in its presentation, but is predominantly a 3D adventure with only a small amount of simple combat. Using a keyboard/mouse combination, Daemonica casts the player in the role of Nicholas Farepoynt, a "Beast Hunter" whose ability to speak with the dead brings him to a small town to investigate the murder of a young woman. There he'll find the murder is only the beginning of a much darker supernatural mystery.

The Daemonica demo clocks in at almost 400 MB, and can be downloaded from standard download sites like GamersHell and 3D Gamers.

For more information about the game, take a look at our hands-on preview.

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