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New Lost Paradise artwork

Benoît Sokal's new development team White Birds Productions have sent us some new artwork of their upcoming adventure game Lost Paradise. The first picture shows a concept sketch, while the second picture is a 3D conversion of this sketch. We presume this not a finalized rendering, considering the company is still heavily recruiting artists and programmers.

[image=1389] [image=1391]

The founders of White Birds Productions previously worked on Syberia, and are now showing off their new concept to various publishers. Lost Paradise is an adventure game for PC, set for a mid-2005 release. Here's the official teaser:

Lost Paradise takes place in Africa, in the heart of this continent, at once eternal and terribly contemporary. Violence, magic, wild and sometimes cruel nature… but also politics, exploitation of natural resources, international plots… Trouble and complex situations and puzzles to solve for a new "Sokalian" hero.

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