The Neverhood

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Born into a Neverhood that may never exist, Klaymen explores a land of terrifying creatures, extraordinary machines and mysterious artifacts. Long ago the king of this world was betrayed by his trusted assistant. You must save the Neverhood by navigating Klaymen through a twisted plot of ancient secrets, witty inventions and monstrous puzzles to defeat your nasty foe.


The Neverhood review

Flashback Friday: One of the most daring and original adventures ever is also one of the most brilliant.


28 Jun
The Neverhood gets molded into a movie
Game creator on board for feature film project


The Neverhood

Aug 31, 2012

Game Information
Platform PC
Perspective First-Person, Third-Person
Control Point-and-click
Gameplay Solitary Exploration
Genre Fantasy
Theme Psychological, Unique
Graphic Style Claymation
Presentation -
Action (Compulsory) -
Red Flags Game-over events
Media CD

Product Details
Version Info

Also available for PlayStation (the PS version is called Klaymen Klaymen in Japan).

System Requirements
Windows 95
Pentium 75 MHz processor
8 MB RAM (16 MB recommended)
8-bit sound card (16-bit recommended)
4x CD-ROM drive
10 MB hard drive space

Worldwide 1996 DreamWorks Interactive

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The Neverhood

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