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An FMV Christmas: Season’s Greetings 2019

Christmas Teaser
Christmas Teaser

‘Tis the season for giving! But first we need to make our list and check it twice if we’re gonna find out who’s naughty or nice. So, hands up if this year you have:

  1. Taken anything that didn’t belong to you
  2. Performed less-than-ethical acts for self-serving interests
  3. Deliberately said sarcastic things when the polite answer was right there in front of you
  4. Vandalized property with things that clearly don’t belong together
  5. Touched people without their consent

Oh, please, don’t deny it! You’re adventure gamers! You’ve ALL done ALL those things, probably more than once! (Though hopefully just in games.) Lucky for you, that actually puts you on our good list, which means you get to partake in our annual gift of personal holiday greetings from those who contributed to your obvious moral delinquency.

Yes, once again we are pleased to share with you our latest video compilation starring many of the top adventure game developers whose games you know, if not the names or faces behind them. 

Watch, enjoy, and whatever occasion you celebrate, be blessed at this special time of year.

Video Table of Contents

00:14 – Mooneye Studios (Lost Ember)
01:42 – Nic & Chris Bischoff, The Brotherhood (Beautiful Desolation)
02:15 – Sick Chicken Studios (Guard Duty)
03:05 – Dave Marsh, Zojoi (Argonus and the Gods of Stone)
04:27 – Lightfoot Bros. (The Mystery of Woolley Mountain)
05:55 – Christian Kealoha Miller, Silver Spook Games (Neofeud 2)
07:01 – Sinking Sheep (Yet Another Hero Story)
07:58 – Cyan Worlds (Firmament)
09:10 – Beidi Guo, Lantern Studio (LUNA: The Shadow Dust)
10:25 – Cloak and Dagger Games (Sumatra: Fate of Yandi, Football Game, INCANTAMENTUM)
11:55 – Salar Golshannia, Frogwares (The Sinking City)
12:36 – Total Mayhem Games (We Were Here Together)
13:46 – Rusty Lake (The White Door)
14:22 – Artur Ganszyniec, Different Tales (Wanderlust Travel Stories)
14:54 – Made From Strings (Moonrise Fall)
15:35 – 2finger (MADievals)
17:10 – Charles Cecil and Revolution (Beyond a Steel Sky) 


continue reading below
continue reading below
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