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Walkthrough for John Ray’s Space Adventure

John Ray’s Space Adventure

Artifact from the moon (first tutorial-like mission)

M376 Ice Moon

1. On the spaceship bridge, pick up the portable coffee machine, scanner and shovel 

1. Go outside and look at the cave opening, which is covered with ice

1. Enter the ship again and look at the engine controls on the middle console

1. Watch animation as the ice is melted by the ship's engines
2. Enter the moon cave

Moon cave
1. Look around the cave
2. Put coffee machine on the rock
3. Turn coffee machine on. A wall projection field will be revealed
4. Use the scanner to manipulate and deactivate the field
5. Take the artifact
6. Go outside

1. Enter ship

1. Access navigation on the left
2. Pick up navigation flash card
3. Enter flash card into slot
4. Select New Mojave and press travel (green button)

New Mojave dock
1. Go to the city and enter the office building on the left

Office lobby
1. Pick up feather duster from cleaning trolley
2. Walk to the elevator and press the button on the screen next to it
3. Enter the elevator

Maljerk’s Office
1. Give Maljerk the artifact from the moon
2. Maljerk will offer you a new archeological contract: find three parts of an ancient Xec device
3. Pick up Xec device projection

Search for the three-part Xec device (done in any order)

Xec device part one (on Uroborus)

New Mojave old town
1. Talk to the officer
2. Show Xec device projection

Old town
1. Pick up coin from fountain
2. Talk to officer Smith
3. Show the projection to officer Smith
4. Go to Mall

1. Talk to Kthan
2. Show Xec device projection to Kthan. Uroborus will now become available in the navigation
3. Go to bar

1. Order a beer
2. Talk to Clarkie
3. Give beer to Clarkie. You hear about a Mining Colony 19 and a monster. Also, your navigation gets updated.
4. Go to ship's navigation and fly to the Mining Colony 19

Mining Colony 19
1. Exit ship and pick up gravity jack
2. Fly back to New Mojave

New Mojave Junkyard
1. Pick up laser saw
2. Enter ship on junkyard

Junkyard ship
1. Turn on light
2. Pick up cables
3. Use gravity jack with charging station
4. Go to mall stairway (the multi-story building in the background)

New Mojave Mall stairway
1. Look at the vending machine
2. Use coin on the vending machine
3. Pick up the ID card
4. Go to junkyard

New Mojave Junkyard
1. Talk to Mr. Solos
2. Give him the ID card
3. Go to Bar

New Mojave Bar
1. Enter the bar and talk to Mr. Solos and Jessy
2. Go back to Junkyard

New Mojave Junkyard
1. Pick up the foldable table
2. Go to your ship and fly to Uroborus

1. Took to everybody on the market
2. Look at the pyramid in the crystal
3. Talk to Merchant Homtun and later to Merchant Onun
4. Put the foldable table underneath the pyramid (next to Homtun)
5. Put coffee machine on table
6. Talk to Onun or Rakulli
7. After giving a taste of coffee to everyone while Homtun is watching, he decides it would be a new challenge to become the best barista on Uroborus and gives you the pyramid
8. You cannot remove the pyramid from the crystal, so use the laser saw.
You have your first pyramid which is one part of the Xec device
9. Fly to New Mojave

New Mojave
1. Go to Mr. Maljerk's office
2. Give him the Xec part
3. Leave and go to the bar

New Mojave Bar
1. Talk to Jessy
2. You will automatically be transported to the cliff area

New Mojave Cliff
1. Talk to Jessy again

Xec device part two (on Mining Colony)

New Mojave Mall
1. Talk to Robot
2. Talk to Striva
3. Talk to Striva again
4. Give feather duster to Striva and the Robot will join you
5. Go to the ship and fly to the Mining Colony 19
6. If you have no Mining Colony 19 in the ship's navigation, go to the bar and give Clarkie a beer. This will update your ship's navigation.

Mining Colony 19
1. Go to the mining entrance
2. Look at the entrance and then knock
3. Go back to ship, talk to Robot and go back to the entrance
4. Knock again at the entrance
5. Crawl under the collapsed wall

Mining colony 19 elevator
1. Look at the broken switch (first switch on the left)
2. Connect cable to broken switch
3. Crawl under the wall again, connect cable to light switch and turn on light, then return to the elevator. There is a legend on top of the switches.
4. Turn blue switch to the left
5. Turn yellow switch to the middle
6. Turn red switch to the right
7. The elevator is open and you can enter

Mining Colony 19 underground
1. Talk to the robots, and the worm will attack
2. Pick up the fire extinguisher
3. Throw fire extinguisher at worm

Desert dream
1. Pull on one red curtain and walk to the right
2. Repeat (pull and walk) five times

Mining Colony 19 worm's stomach
1. Talk to the damaged robot
2. Pick up arm
3. Use arm on the Xec device
4. Use fire extinguisher on the Xec device
5. Go back to ship and fly to New Mojave

New Mojave Mr. Maljerk’s office
1. Go to Maljerk's office and give him this part of the Xec device

Xec device part three (on Drera 3)

New Mojave city center
1. Look at the posters
2. The posters will change periodically, so you need to keep reading them until you find a poster about the New Alexandria Library, which will be unlocked in the ship's navigation.
3. Go to the ship and fly to the New Alexandria Library

New Alexandria Library
1. Enter the library
2. Use Xec device projection on technology books
3. Use Xec device projection on astrophysics and space books
4. Go to the Planetarium

New Alexandria Library planetarium
1. Activate projector (lower button)
2. Use switches above to find a green planet
3. Look at the green planet (Drera 3)
4. Fly to Drera 3

Drera 3
1. Use shovel on the spot on the ground where the animal seems to be eating something. You will get a root
2. Go left for the jungle maze

Drera 3 Jungle Maze
1. Give animal the root
2. Then follow
3. Repeat these steps (give root and follow) until you find the path through the Jungle Maze

Drera 3 Ancient Ruins
1. Touch pillar number 3 (counting left to right), then 4, 2 and 1, according to the hints John gives you.
2. The ruin to the left should be white, touch it and a vortex will appear
3. Enter the vortex

Drera 3 Underground
1. Look at the spaceship
2. Talk to Jardoz and Keernoz and show the Xec device projection to both of them
3. You will learn that Jardoz requires some altruistic proof from you before he tells you more about the Xec
4. Keernoz requires some proof of belief before he tells you about the Xec
5. Go back to John’s ship and fly to New Mojave

New Mojave Bar
1. Go to the bar and take the peanut butter paste
2. Fly back to Drera 3 and enter the vortex

Drera 3 Underground
1. Give peanut butter paste to Jardoz
2. Go back to ship and fly to Uroborus

1. Leave the ship and go to the left, where the shrine is

Uroborus Shrine
1. Enter the shrine and talk to Priest Tozzir
2. Look at the goods
3. Look at the light crystal
4. Go back to John’s ship and fly to the New Alexandria Library

New Alexandria Library
1. Enter the library and read about Religion, John will find information on religious beliefs on Uroborus
2. Fly back to Uroborus and enter the Shrine

Uroborus Shrine
1. Talk to Priest Tozzir
2. Get the light crystal
3. Fly to Drera 3 and go underground

Drera 3
1. Talk to Keernoz
2. You will get at the next part of the Xec device
3. Fly back to New Mojave

New Mojave
1. Go to Mr. Maljerk and give him this part of the Xec device

Access to Maljerk’s Mansion

This is the final encounter with Mr. Maljark.


New Mojave Bar
1. Talk to Jessy
2. Go to Maljerk’s office

New Mojave Maljerk’s Office
1. Look at screen to the right
2. Use your scanner to scan the fingerprints from the screen on the right
3. Travel to the Asir Resort

Asir Resort
1. Go to the lockers at the beach house and find Maljerk's locker
2. Use scanner to simulate Mr. Maljerk’s finger print, you get the entry code to Mr. Maljerk’s mansion
3. Travel to Mr. Maljerk’s mansion

Mr. Maljerk’s Mansion
1. Go inside and look at the whiskey
2. Use laser saw to open the barrel
3. Pick up the portable freezing device
4. Go to the right (multiple screens) until you meet Mr. Maljerk at the crypt

Mr. Maljerk’s Mansion at the Crypt
1. Pick up wrench
2. Talk to Mr. Maljerk

1. Use the wrench to open the faucet

1. The fountain is active now
2. Use shovel to destroy the fountain and let the water out
3. Freeze the water with the portable freezing device
4. Walk around until you lure Mr. Maljerk onto the ice next to the fountain
5. Mr. Maljerk will fall and let go of the completed Xec device
6. John will automatically pick up the Xec device
7. Go inside

Mansion inside
1. Freeze Mr. Maljerk’s hand (no real effect)
2. Use the Xec device on his hand
3. Exit the mansion
4. Watch the ending
5. Freeze Mr. Maljerk’s hand (no real effect)
6. Use the Xec device on his hand
7. Exit the mansion
8. Watch the end

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