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Review of TARTARUS by My Dune

Stars - 35

Rating by My Dune posted on Dec 1, 2017 | edit | delete

Reviewer rating on low side

I played this game when it came out and gave it 3.5 stars. I had a great time and I recommend everyone to play. The game looks nice and the puzzles I found quite good and good to do. The story I found exciting even though it was a little predictable. At least, I figured out the twist fairly quickly.

Now I read the review by Richard Hoover and find his rating a bit on the low side. In most cases I agree with the reviewer 99%, but this is a review where we deviate considerably from each other. I can understand his frustrations concerning the problems he has encountered, but I absolutely did not experienced those problems. The game ran smoothly on my computer. I must mention that I have a fairly powerful machine. Nowadays you do need that when you want to play high graphics games.

Nevertheless, a great adventure game.

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Time Played: 5-10 hours
Difficulty: Just Right

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